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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/23/2018

Hope Invites Liam to Move In?!

Steffy tells Liam that she is signing the papers  but she is still hopeful that he will want a family with her and will raise the baby with her.

Hope is hoping that Steffy will set Liam free. Brooke advises her that maybe if she truly loves Liam, she should support his marriage and family.

Eric meets with a couple of interns who are working on designs for Hope’s new collection. Eric wants to know when Steffy and Hope will be coming back to work. Ridge doesn’t know. Then he tells Eric that Steffy has been busy with Taylor, who was in town for a very short time.

Hope asks Brooke if Liam can move into the cabin behind their house, so they can make sure he’s eating well and so that he can relax by their pool. Brooke thinks that it’s a nice idea and says ok.

Steffy asks Liam one more time if they can start their life again, then kisses him.

Eric tells Ridge that he doesn’t like that Liam is helping Hope with her new line. He thinks it’s too confusing for Liam. Ridge tells Eric that he agrees and that he has asked Hope to give them some space.

Liam backs away from Steffy. He says that he wants to put his family together because he still loves her, but every time they kiss, he sees images of Bill and Steffy together.

Brooke tells Hope to ask Liam to come over so they can invite him to move into the cabin.

Ridge stops by Steffy’s to see her. She tells him that she made Bill an offer to buy the beach house because that’s where she wants to raise her baby. She also tells him that she signed the annulment papers.

Liam stops by Brooke’s after getting a text from Hope. They invite him to move in so that he can get out of his depressing hotel room and live somewhere where he can be cared for by people who love him.

Ridge wants to know why Steffy signed the annulment papers when that’s not what she wants. She tells him that she did it for Liam but she is planning to fight for her marriage and raise their baby together, in their home.  She really signed the papers because Bill is blackmailing her.

Liam agrees to move into the cabin because he wants Hope in his life. He hasn’t decided whether or not to file the papers yet. Hope tells him that she hopes he will file them and move on with her, because she loves him. Then she kisses him.

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