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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/24/2018

Moving Day For Liam

Hope thanks Brooke for allowing Liam to move into the cabin. She admits to her mom that she told Liam she loves him and she’s pretty sure by the look in his eye that he loves her too.

Liam shows Wyatt the annulment papers. Wyatt asks if he can really end his marriage with a baby on the way.

At Forrester, Ridge gives an envelope for Liam to an intern to mail. The intern asks if it goes to Liam’s new address. When Ridge sees the address, he says it’s a mistake because the address is HIS address.

Hope wants to know what Ridge said when Brooke told him about Liam moving in. Brooke says that he got home too late last night, so she hasn’t told him yet, but not to worry about it. Hope plans to go into work even though Liam is moving in today because she doesn’t want him to feel pressured. She tells Brooke that she is really hoping to have a relationship with Liam though.

Simon the intern, tells Hope that there was some confusion over Liam’s address when he talked to Ridge. He tells her that Ridge didn’t seem too happy when he found out that Liam’s new address is his address.

Brooke arrives at the office and tells Ridge that Liam is moving into the cabin today.

Wyatt tells Liam that moving in with Hope is a really bad idea. It will ruin his relationship with Steffy. Liam tells him that he is craving support and interaction. Wyatt doesn’t care how he justifies it and says that Steffy will not be happy.

Steffy arrives at the office and goes to work in the same office with Hope. They talk about how Steffy signed the annulment papers but Steffy says that she is not giving up on her marriage. Hope tells Steffy that Liam is finally moving out of that depressing hotel room. Steffy is glad that he is getting out of there until Hope tells her that he’s moving into their family cabin.

Ridge is angry that Brooke is allowing Liam to move in because she claimed to be supportive of Steffy and Liam. Brooke defends her decision to let Liam move in, saying that Hope just wants to watch out for Liam, but isn’t going to try to steal him from Steffy. Ridge says that Liam is a married man and that is what he should be focused on. Ridge points out that he could have moved out of that hotel room into any other place but he has chosen to live with Hope, his ex-wife. Ridge knows that Hope still wants Liam. He accuses Brooke of helping Hope to accomplish that.

As Wyatt and Liam pack up Liam’s belongings in the hotel room, Wyatt says that Steffy obviously doesn’t know about his plan to move into Hope’s family’s cabin, or Steffy would have torched all of his belongings. He continues to tell Liam that this is a bad idea. Liam tells Wyatt that he appreciates everything that Hope has done for him and he is happy to have her in his life, but he still loves Steffy.

Steffy knows that Hope is manipulating Liam in hopes of rekindling her relationship with him, even though Hope insists that she is just trying to help him. Hope tells Steffy that she loves Liam. The war is on. Steffy has no intention of losing her family to Hope.

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