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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/25/2018

Make a Decision Liam!

Steffy tells Hope that she signed the annulment papers for Liam’s sake but she has NOT given up on her marriage and Hope shouldn’t count her out. She tells Hope to give Liam some space to figure things out.

At Forrester, Liam arrives for a meeting with Hope regarding  the Hope for the Future line. Ridge talks to him first. He tells Liam that he thinks of him as a son, because he is married to his daughter.  Then he tells Liam that he needs to put Steffy first and even more importantly, his unborn daughter, and put his family back together. Ridge says that he speaks from experience and multiple marriages.

Hope and Liam collaborate on her new clothing line.  Liam has an idea for a charitable focus. He thanks Hope for involving him in HFTF and inviting him to move into the cabin. He feels like himself again and is coming out of the darkness.

Steffy tells her dad that she is worried that Liam isn’t going to come back to her, especially with Hope plotting to get him back. She wishes that Hope would give him some space. Steffy gets a reminder on her phone about her ultrasound appointment. Ridge encourages her to go ask Liam to go.

Hope tells Liam that it’s so nice to see him getting back to his old self and he should continue on this path and go file the annulment papers. She even offers to go with him. She says that after that, she hopes he will move on with his life with her and then hugs him. While they are hugging, Steffy walks into the office and invites Liam to the ultrasound.  Hope looks furious, and Liam looks torn about whether or not he should go.

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