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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/26/2018

Liam and Steffy Bond During Their Ultrasound

Liam wants to know what time the ultrasound is because he is just getting started with his meeting with Hope. Steffy tells him that it’s right now, but it’s ok if he can’t make it. She wants to be respectful of his time.

Brooke and Ridge are kissing and being loving toward each other in the office at Forrester but then begin to argue about what Liam’s responsibilities are. Brooke thinks he needs to be responsible to Hope and their HFTF meeting and Ridge thinks Liam needs to be responsible to his wife, baby, and family.

Hope tells Liam that they can finish their meeting over dinner so he agrees to go to the ultrasound with Steffy.

After Steffy and Liam leave for the appointment, Hope goes to Brooke to vent to her that Steffy is using her pregnancy to hook Liam back in.

At the ultrasound, the doctor explains to Steffy and Liam what she will be looking for. She is suddenly alarmed and asks Steffy to cough. Then the doctor sends Liam out to ask the nurse for cold orange juice. She tells Steffy not to be alarmed and that she is just not seeing something that she needs to see.  Liam comes back with the juice which Steffy drinks. The doctor tells them that she isn’t seeing the baby move but that she could just be sleeping, and wants them to come back in a few days. Steffy and Liam panic and think the worst, and then Steffy feels the baby move. The doctor checks again and the baby is moving and checks out to be just fine. Steffy and Liam give each other a relieved hug.

While at the Forrester office, Brooke and Hope talk about the Steffy and Liam situation. Hope wants Liam to have a close relationship with his daughter and wants her to be happy and healthy. Brooke tells Hope that she’s a better ally than Steffy even knows because she shows such support for Steffy’s baby. Then Hope launches back into how much hurt Steffy has caused for Liam by sleeping with Bill. Ridge overhears the conversation, walks in, and asks the ladies not to bad mouth his daughter in her own office. He asks them to stop pressuring Liam to leave his wife and daughter.  Then he tells Hope that there is a lot of work to be done in Steffy and Liam’s relationship, a lot of answers to be found, and judgement to be passed, but not by HER, and he walks out of the office.

Still in the doctor’s office, Liam and Steffy talk about how relieved they are that their baby is ok, and how much they love her.  Liam tells Steffy that times like these remind him of how he fell in love with her and married her, and what a strong and good person she is, and he knows she hasn’t completely changed from being that person. Then he tells her that no matter what happens, he will always be there for her and the baby, and they will always be a family.

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