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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/3/2018

Bill Claims That a Stranger Shot Him

Detective Sanchez asks Bill if he saw the person who shot him and Bill says yes.

Brooke talks to Ridge at the jail. She gives him hope when she tells him that the detective agreed to go back to the hospital to talk to Bill again.

Wyatt and Katie lie in bed together, talking about whether or not Ridge was the person who shot Bill.

As Bill starts to tell the detective who it was, Liam interrupts to try to turn himself in first. But Bill cuts him off and tells the detective that it was nobody that he has ever seen before, letting Liam off the hook.

Wyatt and Katie continue to list the possible suspects; Sally, Quinn, Justin, and even Liam.  Katie says that Liam had the biggest motive of all.

The detective seems skeptical about Bill’s story, and is irritated that Bill accused Ridge. He wants to know what the shooter’s motive might have been, if it was somebody he didn’t know. Bill explains that he has lots of enemies in the world. He is very vague about the description of the shooter. He says that it was nobody he has ever seen before, looks at Liam, and says it was nobody he ever wants to see again.

Carter stops by to see Ridge. He tells him that the hearing to request bail didn’t go well. They’re hoping that won’t matter, since the detective went to question Bill again.

Detective Sanchez wonders why Bill is changing his story now. Bill tries to explain that he was groggy and confused at first, and that shock caused him to have a fuzzy memory. Hope asks if this means that Ridge can be released. The detective says that Bill’s testimony was their only evidence against Ridge, so yes, he will be released.

Detective Sanchez goes back to the police station and tells Ridge and his family that Bill changed his story and Ridge is free to go.

Liam thanks Bill for not turning him in. Bill assumes his share of responsibility in this whole situation and apologizes to Liam for all of the pain they have caused each other. Liam shakes Bill’s hand. Bill promises that nobody will ever know that Liam shot him. With Bill’s history, can we really trust that? I predict some future blackmail.

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