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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/30/2018

Bill Fools Wyatt

As Bill sits in his office and daydreams about his night with Steffy, Justin walks in with the paperwork for Bill to sell the beach house to Steffy.

Steffy sits on the sofa at the beach house, remembering how happy she and Liam were when they found out they were pregnant. She is so sad.

Brooke, Ridge, Hope, and Liam sit down to Liam’s welcome dinner at their house.

While Bill is wrapping up the details of the latest scheme he wants Justin to help him with, Wyatt walks in and tells Bill that he wants more information about this phone call and his relationship with Steffy.

At Liam’s dinner, they talk about new ideas for the HFTF line. Brooke tells Liam that he and Hope make a fabulous team.

Wyatt is confused about Steffy’s call to Bill and why she signed the papers since she says she is committed to her relationship with Liam. Bill plays dumb and says that she must have signed the papers because she is ready to move on.

Ridge tells Liam that he is happy to give him a “temporary home”. Liam agrees that it’s temporary while he is making a major decision that needs to be made

Wyatt and Katie kiss in his office at Spencer. She asks him what’s wrong and he tells her that Steffy is down the hall in Bill’s office and he is wondering what is going on there.

Steffy arrives at Bill’s office and tells him that she wants to get this over with and sign the papers to buy the house. She thinks that Liam might still come back to her. Bill is a little irritated that she is being short with him and not more grateful that he is selling her the house. Then he asks how her mother is doing, to remind Steffy that he holds the key to Taylor’s freedom.

In the cabin, Hope and Liam sit by the fireplace. He thanks her for letting him live there but says he can’t promise the outcome that he knows she wants. He still hasn’t made a decision. He also tells her that the pain that Steffy and Bill caused, hasn’t faded yet. Hope kisses him.

Steffy tells Bill that Taylor is getting help, but she isn’t here to talk about her mother. She tells Bill that she did what he asked and signed the annulment papers but she’s hoping Liam won’t sign them. Bill tells her that he loves her and she tells him not to say that.

Katie tells Wyatt that Bill is a liar and he always has an agenda. She can’t believe  that Steffy is involved with Bill.

Bill tells Steffy that he could fulfill her every desire.  He also says that if Liam truly loved her, this wouldn’t be such a hard decision for him. Steffy asks him to just sign the papers. He does, she takes the papers, and Bill walks her out. Right by Wyatt’s office, Bill reminds Steffy that he is staying quiet about Taylor and selling her a beach house that he loves, and he asks for some gratitude. Wyatt sees Steffy thank Bill and hug him.

Wyatt runs down to Bill’s office and sees candles burning, and a pillow with lipstick on it on the sofa . Bill had Justin plant those there to make Wyatt think that there was something going on between Steffy and Bill.

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