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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/5/2018

Liam Has A Choice To Make

The Forrester crew sits around after the party for Ridge, talking about how most of them had been suspects in the shooting case.  They know that Bill has made a lot of enemies over the years, and none of them are huge fans of Bill, but they are glad he didn’t die. Wyatt thinks that Bill deserves to know who shot him.

Liam continues to tell Hope that he is not worthy of her love. Hope tells him that she never stopped loving him, even when she lived continents away. She says that she tried to respect his marriage to Steffy when she first came back, but she can no longer do that. Liam tells her that he still loves her and they kiss again. While they are kissing, there is a knock on Liam’s door. Liam gets up to answer it and it’s Steffy. She waltzes into the room and asks Hope if she could give her some time with her husband so Hope leaves. Steffy thanks Liam for convincing Bill to tell the truth in order to get Ridge out of jail. Liam wants to tell Steffy the truth, but doesn’t. Steffy begs Liam to leave his depressing hotel room and move back in with her so they can be a family. Then she kisses him. Liam looks like he might consider it. He has to make a choice now between Hope and Steffy….again!

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