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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/9/2018

Bill Still Wants Steffy

Steffy tells Hope to back off and stay away from Liam. Hope fires back and says she won’t leave Liam’s side while he is in crisis. Steffy lets Hope know that Liam doesn’t need her protection. Steffy asks if Hope is still in love with Liam and then answers the question for Hope. She knows Hope still loves him. Hope admits that she still loves him. She was supposed to have a life with him, but due to Steffy’s past manipulation, she didn’t get to.

Bill knocks on Liam’s hotel room door. Liam doesn’t think it’s wise for him to be there. Bill wants some time with his son. Bill tells Liam that almost dying has made him want to make the most of his life. He points out to Liam that Hope has been by his side and has helped him through a very tough time.  Bill says that Hope will be a good person to keep their secret.

Wyatt sits in Bill’s desk chair, talking to some employees, telling them that he’s in charge until Bill comes back. Katie tells him not to get too comfortable because Bill might still cut him out of the company.  Wyatt is hoping that Bill might be softer after his near death experience. Katie tells him not to count on it.

Jarrett comes to Wyatt to see if he can get his job back at Spencer. Wyatt tells him that he would be happier if he just started fresh somewhere else.

In the Forrester office, Thorne stops by and asks Katie if she is still engaged to Wyatt, hoping she’s not.  Katie tells him that she and Wyatt are still engaged and she is very happy.  Thorne tells her she has horrible taste in men. First she chose Bill, and now Wyatt. Thorne tells her to just have fun with Wyatt but don’t marry him. He asks her if Wyatt is worth losing custody of her son.

Liam is furious with Bill when he realizes that Bill isn’t there to check on him. Bill is there to play matchmaker for him with Hope because Bill wants Steffy. Bill claims that he just wants everyone to be happy.  Then Bill basically tells Liam that if he doesn’t choose Hope, Bill will spill the secret that Liam is the one who shot him. As Liam puts it, “You are trying to make a deal…my freedom for my wife??”

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