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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 5/3/2018

Liam is Finally Done With Steffy

After Wyatt tells Liam that Steffy and Bill are still carrying on, Liam goes to the beach house to confront Steffy. Steffy tells him that she went to see Bill because she wanted to buy the beach house from him. Liam is angry that she went to him in person. He looks at the room full of white roses that he sent her when he was planning to reconcile with her, and tells her that there is nothing pure about this. Steffy seems confused about why he is so angry.

Ridge happily walks into the office at Forrester and kisses Brooke. He tells her that Liam is going back to Steffy.  Ridge tells her that Liam told him he was going back to Steffy. Brooke is happy for Ridge but knows that Hope will be hurt.

Wyatt tells Bill that he told Liam about him and Steffy. He can’t believe that Bill is continuing to hurt Liam like this.

Steffy tells Liam that she was seen hugging Bill because she was thanking him for protecting someone she loves. She admits to Liam that Taylor shot Bill.

As Ridge is telling Brooke that Liam will let Hope down gently, Hope walks in. She asks if Liam has made a decision.

Liam is shocked that Taylor shot Bill and is angry that Bill and Steffy had this secret. He is also angry that the reason Bill isn’t going to the police is because he’s in love with Steffy.

Brooke and Ridge tell Hope that Liam has decided to go back to Steffy. She tearfully asks if he has told Steffy yet.

Justin walks into Bill’s office where Bill tells him that his plan is working. Even Justin knows that this is so wrong. Bill is using one son to destroy his other son’s marriage.

Liam is angry that Bill will always have control over Steffy now because of the Taylor secret. He wonders what else Steffy hasn’t told him.  He gives her one more chance to come clean but she says there is nothing to tell. Liam wanted her to confess to the romantic rendezvous in Bill’s office that Wyatt thought was going on. Liam gets angry and tells her that he can’t do this anymore.

Hope tells Ridge and Brooke that Liam is making a mistake and that Steffy is going to realize she has feelings for Bill and will hurt Liam again.

Steffy insists that she doesn’t have any more secrets from him and swears that she doesn’t have feelings for Bill. Liam just keeps hearing  Wyatt’s words in his head, telling him about Steffy and Bill. Liam tells Steffy that she will be a great mom, they will parent her together, but he is filing the annulment papers. Steffy begs him not to go and can’t understand what is going on.

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