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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 5/4/2018

Liam Proposes Marriage!

Justin tells Bill that Steffy is going to figure out what Bill has done. Bill tells him that he and Steffy are going to be together.

Ridge stops by the beach house to see Steffy and expects to find her happy. Instead she tells him that Liam doesn’t want her or their life together.

Back at the cabin, Liam replays Wyatt’s words in his head, accusing Steffy of seeing Bill. Hope drops by and Liam tells her that he can’t be with Steffy because she is still involved with Bill.

Steffy tells Ridge that Liam is convinced that she is still involved with Bill but she can’t understand why.

Wyatt tells Bill that he still can’t believe that he is involved with Steffy, and that he will regret hurting Liam.

Steffy calls Wyatt and begs him to talk to Liam on her behalf. She tells him that Liam broke things off with her because of Bill, but there is nothing between them. Wyatt encourages her to just move on and hangs up. Then he tells Bill that Liam and Steffy are through. Bill smiles as his plan is coming to fruition.

At the cabin, Hope tells Liam that she’s glad he had ended things with Steffy because he and his daughter deserve more. She tells him to take his life back.

Still together at the beach house, Steffy tells Ridge that Wyatt won’t help and that he was cold to her. Steffy is angry with herself for ever having that one awful night with Bill.

Wyatt questions why Steffy would call him, wanting him to perpetuate a lie with Liam. Bill explains it away by saying that maybe Steffy just doesn’t realize her feelings for him yet.

Liam thanks Hope for coming back into his life. He is sorry that he ever let her go. He also tells her that he is ready to file the annulment papers.

Bill walks into the beach house to talk to Steffy. Steffy asks him why Liam still thinks there is something between them.  Bill tells her how much he loves her and that he can give her so much more than Liam ever could. He tells her that Liam has always wanted Hope and that Steffy deserves to be more than somebody’s second choice. Steffy is speechless. Will she decide to let Liam go and be with Bill?

Liam tells Hope that he wants their old life back. He asks her to marry him and help him raise his daughter. She says yes!

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