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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 5/7/2018

Hope and Liam Reconnect…Intimately

Still at the beach house, Bill professes his love for Steffy and asks her to chose him. Steffy tells him that she is still planning to fight for her marriage to Liam. Then she asks Bill why Liam thinks there is still something going on between the two of them.

At Spencer, Wyatt and Justin talk about the situation. Wyatt can’t believe that Steffy is still involved with Bill. Justin keeps his mouth shut, but knows the truth.

Hope is excited about Liam’s proposal. Liam tells her that their connection was never broken. They vow that nothing will ever come between them again.

Wyatt laments telling Liam about Steffy and Bill. Katie tells him that Liam deserved to know. They just can’t believe that there is something going on between those 2, especially since Steffy has been trying so hard to get him back.

Bill continues to tell Steffy that Liam is weak and isn’t the man for her. Steffy defends Liam and tells Bill that she can’t listen to this anymore. Bill tells her that he even renamed his yacht after her! Steffy tells him to get out and that she is going to fight for her marriage.

Still at the cabin, Liam and Hope profess their love for each other and then make love.

Back at Spencer Publications, Justin walks in and can tell by the look at Bill’s face that Steffy didn’t fall into his arms. Bill isn’t worried. He knows that Steffy will come around. Meanwhile Bill is taking credit for giving Liam and Hope a second chance, after he manipulated them so long ago and broke them up.

After making love, Liam tells Hope how good and trustworthy she is and has always been, and that she embodies everything he will ever need.

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