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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 5/8/2018

Wyatt Starts to Realize That Things Don’t Add Up

Steffy calls Wyatt over so she can beg him to talk to Liam for her. She can’t understand why Liam suddenly changed his mind and doesn’t want her back. Wyatt is agitated and asks her if she was just with Bill the one time and she says yes, and nothing else has happened between her and Bill.

Liam and Hope talk about their future, wrapped in a blanket in front of the fireplace at the cabin. They talk about their first wedding and how hard Bill worked to keep them apart. Hope is excited about their new beginning. Liam vows to never let her go again.

Wyatt doesn’t believe Steffy at first and sarcastically asks her if she can think of one reason why Liam would think she was still carrying on with Bill. Steffy explains to him how she went to Bill’s office to buy the house from him and hugged him out of gratitude. Wyatt then pictures the candles, blanket, and pillow that he saw in Bill’s office, but Steffy doesn’t mention that part of the evening. Wyatt suddenly seems worried that maybe he got it wrong.

Justin tries to be Bill’s conscience. He tells Bill how wrong it is to use one son to ruin another son’s marriage. Bill justifies his actions as helping to right a wrong and put Liam back with Hope.  Bill claims that he belongs with Steffy and knows that Steffy will come back to him. Justin points out that Bill is keeping Liam away from the woman who is carrying his child.

Liam tells Hope that they need to get her a ring, right away. Hope jumps up and says she has to go somewhere, but she’ll be back.

Steffy wants to know what Wyatt isn’t telling him. She wonders if Bill talked to Liam and lied to him about what is going on between him and Steffy. Wyatt assures her that Bill hasn’t even spoken to Liam. Steffy tearfully tells Wyatt that she and Liam were so close to getting back together and begs him to help her. Wyatt wants to stay out of it. Steffy cries and tells Wyatt that the last thing she wants is Bill and that she is committed to Liam. Wyatt gets frustrated, not knowing what to believe, and leaves.

Hope comes back to the cabin with the engagement ring that Liam gave her the first time.  They talk about wanting a small wedding. Liam tells Hope that she will be a great stepmom and he hopes to have another child with her someday. Liam gets down on one knee and officially proposes to Hope. She says yes of course, and he puts the ring on her finger.

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