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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 5/9/2018

Steffy Finds Out About the Engagement

Liam signs the annulment papers and gives them to a messenger to file. Brooke walks into the room, thinking that Liam was getting ready to break Hope’s heart, but finds out that Liam and Hope are engaged. Brooke is happy for them and congratulates them but is confused because she thought he was going back to Steffy.

Ridge visits Steffy at her house. Steffy tells him that Liam broke things off with her but she can’t understand why.

Liam explains to Brooke that this isn’t just a rebound thing and that he plans to be with Hope forever. Rick and Maya walk in and Hope announces her engagement. They congratulate her.

Ridge tells Steffy that Bill is somehow responsible for this. He is manipulating them to ruin their marriage.

Rick and Maya ask who knows about the engagement and say that it’s going to put Brooke in a tough spot when Ridge finds out. Liam says that he should be the one to tell Steffy and Ridge and takes off to go tell them.

Back at Forrester, Liam knocks on Ridge’s door so he can talk to him. He tells Ridge that he thought he could forgive Steffy, but he can’t. He tells him that he filed the annulment papers and he’s ready for that chapter of his life to be over. He needs someone he can trust. Then he tells Ridge that he proposed to Hope.

Hope is worried that Brooke isn’t happy for her. Brooke tells her that she knows that Hope loves Liam but this is a complicated situation. She assures Hope that everything will work out. Just then Steffy walks into Brooke’s house, looking for Liam. She wants to talk to Hope. She explains that they were on the verge of getting back together and begs for Hope’s help. Steffy notices the ring on Hope’s finger and asks what it is. Hope tells her that it’s her old engagement ring from Liam. Then she tells her that Liam just needed to move on and that he proposed to her. Steffy is shocked!

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