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The Bold and the Beautiful Episode Recap 4/12/2018

Liam Tells Steffy

Hope and Liam are talking in her office at Forrester. Liam insists that he needs to tell Steffy what he did to Bill. Hope tries to convince him to keep it a secret. Her argument is that if Steffy knows, the police could drag her into it, and she could face jail time. She also tells Liam that Steffy might not keep the secret and then he will go to jail too.

Across the hall, Ridge and Steffy are talking about how Hope is no longer respecting Liam and Steffy’s marriage. Ridge tells Steffy that he is going to talk to Hope and try to get her to stay away from Liam.

Detective Sanchez goes to Bill’s house to try to jog his memory about the night of the shooting. Bill gets irritated with him and is uncooperative. Detective Sanchez agrees to give him more time to rest and recover before pushing him to remember details of that night.

Liam goes to talk to Steffy. He tells her that he saw Bill propose to her and was really upset. He tells her how he fell and probably had another concussion. Then to Steffy’s horror, he tells her that he is the person who shot  Bill.

At his house, Bill is pouring a drink, when a woman walks in. It’s Taylor! In a very emotional state, she yells at him for taking advantage of Steffy and accuses him of displaying predatory behavior.

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