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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/12/2018

Will Victor Fire Victoria?

Ashley wants to know how Victor reacted when Abby gave him the evidence that Ashley is innocent. Abby tells her that Victor said he needed time to review the facts.

Hilary collaborates with Devon about a show idea. They end up talking about Sam and then Devon receives a call to come babysit for Sam because his nanny has an emergency. Hilary is sad because she can’t go with him. Cane and Lily made their wishes clear, and Hilary is not allowed to be around Sam.

Victor shows up to Victoria’s office throws Jack’s phone bill on her desk with all of the calls between Jack and Victoria, and wants to know why she has been lying. Victoria admits to setting Ashley up and says that she was just trying to protect Newman, and that Victor has blinders on when it comes to Ashley.

Abby and Ashley are still talking at the Abbott home, when Traci comes in with some memory games that she bought to help Dina with her Alzheimer’s. Moments later, Dina walks in the room with makeup all over her face, talking about getting ready for the winter formal. She is obviously very confused. Dina thinks she is still in high school and that John will be coming to pick her up for the dance.

After Devon picks Sam up, he heads to the dining room at the Athletic Club. Then he calls Hilary and invites her down for a coffee so she can visit with Sam. He watches Hilary interact with Sam and tells her that she would be a great mother.

Victor is furious with Victoria and tells her that he doesn’t know if he can trust her to run his company when she feels so threatened by other talented executives. He storms out of her office and doesn’t respond when she asks what he is going to do about Ashley.

Victor calls Ashley to apologize for firing her and tells her that Victoria confessed to setting her up. Ashley tells him that an apology isn’t good enough and hangs up on him.

Victor rings the doorbell at the Abbott house and Dina answers, thinking that it’s John. Ashley motions to Victor to play along, so Victor tells Dina that John can’t make it but sent him instead.  Victor takes her to the Top of the Tower for dinner and dancing. He even gives her a corsage. Ashley and Traci sit at another table to keep an eye on Dina. Ashley tells Traci that she knows Victor is doing this for her but it’s still an incredible gesture. After a little while, Traci distracts Dina so that Victor and Ashley can chat. Victor asks Ashley to come back but the only way Ashley will agree is if he fires Victoria. Victor says that he will think about it.

While trying to track Victoria down, J.T. gets a text from Paul, who wants an update on his progress in finding evidence to take Victor down. J.T. goes into Victor’s office and looks through his papers. Suddenly Victor walks into his office and finds J.T. standing there so J.T. claims that he was waiting to speak with Victor. J.T. asks what Victor decided to do about Ashley so Victor tells him that Victoria was responsible for setting Ashley up and lied to both of them.

While still bonding with Sam at the Club, Devon tells Hilary that he has decided that he wants to be a father and he agrees to have a baby with Hilary. There are ground rules however. They are going to co-parent the baby, and they are not getting back together as a couple.

Victoria and Abby meet at Crimson Lights to discuss what Victoria did in the name of protecting Newman. They get into a nasty fight and tell each other that they are sisters in name only. Abby tells Victoria that she and her mother are going to be the new Newman family dynasty.

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