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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/13/2018

Is Victoria’s Whole Life Spiraling Out of Control?

Victoria visits Nikki at the Newman ranch. She tells Nikki what she did to Ashley and is waiting for Victor to fire her.

J.T. can’t believe what Victor is telling him. He claims that Victoria would never lie to him.

Hilary and Devon toast to their agreement to have a baby together. Lily walks in to the office to thank Devon for agreeing to let her start her own modeling agency through Hamilton Winters. Hilary is horrified to learn that she will be seeing Lily in the office all the time and even more horrified to find out that Lily is on the board of the company. Cane sends flowers to the office and Hilary mistakenly thinks they are for her. Lily delights in finding out that they are for her and rubs it in Hilary’s face. Michael Baldwin shows up at the office after receiving a call from Devon. They want him to draw up a contract so they can agree on how to co-parent. Lily finds out and tells Devon he is out of his mind.

Victor arrives at home. Victoria apologizes for lying to Victor and putting him in a difficult position. She tells him that she will do whatever she needs to do to make it up to him.

Victoria and Victor show up at the Abbott house to see Ashley. Victoria starts out apologizing to Ashley but Ashley doesn’t buy into her patronizing speech. Victor assures Ashley that Victoria will never cross the line again and offers to give her a bonus if she will return to Newman. Ashley thanks him for the generous offer but explains that she already told him that the only way she will come back is if Victor fires Victoria.

After Lily goes home, Michael continues to talk to Devon and Hilary about their agreement. They agree to split all expenses for the child, 50/50. Devon insists that Hilary allow him to leave his company to their child. Michael asks how they plan to conceive the child. They agree to do it medically, insemination by a doctor.

Lily tells Cane about Devon’s plan to have a baby with Hilary. She vows to stop him.

Victoria goes home to J.T. who lets her have it for manipulating him into breaking into Jack’s office to prove Ashley’s guilt, and for lying to him. J.T. questions why he and Victoria are even together. Victoria begs for his forgiveness. She asks J.T. if he is going to leave her over this. His response is “What do you think?” and he walks away from her.

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