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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/22/2018

Are J.T. and Victoria Beyond Repair?

J.T. and Victoria’s knock down, drag out fight ends with J.T.’s hands around Victoria’s neck. He lets go and she runs upstairs and locks herself in the bathroom. J.T. goes upstairs to apologize through the bathroom door. Victoria tells him that they need to end their relationship to make sure this never happens again. J.T. doesn’t want things to end and says that he has always wanted to reconnect with Victoria and be a father to Reed. Victoria says nothing and gazes at the bruises that J.T. left on her neck.

Nick is getting ready for his meeting with the potential investors for his expanded charity project and Sharon offers to help. Sharon dresses up for the occasion but Nick wonders where she is going, looking so nice. He clearly didn’t intend for her to go with him to the meeting. Sharon’s feelings are hurt.

Jack returns from Europe to an icy reception from Abby and Ashley. Ashley serves him with legal papers, suing him for defamation of character. Ashley and Jack argue until Dina walks into the room. She is confused again and they agree that they can’t battle in front of her.

Nikki and Nick meet at the ranch with Devon and Jack, and ask them to be on the board for their new charity. Victor wanders in and wrangles an invitation to be a board member as well. Then there is a knock on the door and Nikki lets Arturo in. She introduces him as the contractor for their new project. Nick pulls Nikki aside to tell her what a horrible idea it is to have Victor and Arturo working together. When the meeting breaks up, Victor and Jack get into a fight over what Jack did to Ashley. Arturo and Devon break up the fight, but not before Jack tells Victor that he can’t wait until he drops dead!

Reed comes home while J.T. and Victoria are trying to figure out what the state of their relationship is now. He can tell that something is wrong but lets it go and asks to spend the night at his friend’s house. When Reed goes to pack a bag, J.T. asks if he should pack a bag too. J.T. reminds Victoria of all of the good times they’ve had, and swears that they will never have a physical fight again. He tells Victoria they are in a better place now that they have aired their true feelings .Victoria and J.T. apologize to each other and they kiss passionately, but Victoria tells J.T. that she can’t do this. J.T. begs her not to let one bad moment ruin thousands of good ones. J.T. asks Victoria to marry him. She doesn’t say yes, but they kiss passionately and start taking each other’s clothes off.

When Nick returns “home” to Sharon’s after the investor meeting, Sharon is sitting on the couch looking at real estate listings for Nick so he can move out. Sharon tells him that having him live with her is complicated since they aren’t involved with each other. Nick seems really confused and doesn’t understand what happened suddenly to make her want him to move out but he agrees to go, if that’s what she really wants.

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