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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/23/2018

Has Someone Finally Stopped Victor Newman for Good?

Sharon is on her way out when Nick asks her to sit down with him and explain what he did to make her want him to move out. She sits down on the couch and tells him that there is just too much history between them and she thinks it’s best if he moves out before they might have problems.

Jack goes home to the Abbott house and ends up fighting with Ashley over her lawsuit against him. Dina comes downstairs and wants to make more home movies and asks Jack to leave because she wants to be free to tell her stories without him there.

Victoria and J.T. bask in the afterglow on their sofa. Victoria tells J.T. that she needs a little time to think about his proposal. She goes upstairs , examines her bruised neck in the mirror, and replays J.T.’s hurtful words in her mind. When she comes back downstairs, J.T. kisses her and asks if she has made a decision. Surprisingly, she says yes! They both seem very happy about their decision and want to tell the kids. Victoria goes upstairs and gets her engagement ring from when they were married before and J.T. puts it on her finger.

Mariah comes home and overhears Nick on the phone with a realtor. She gets angry because she thinks Nick is bailing on Sharon. When Nick explains that Sharon asked him to leave, Mariah wants to know what he did. He walks through the events of the day and Mariah figures out that Sharon is probably hurt that he left her out of the housing project.

Nikki texts Arturo and asks him to meet her at the Club. Before going there, she stops by Victoria’s and immediately notices the engagement ring and asks what it means. Victoria asks Nikki to be happy for her. Nikki suggests that Victoria is just feeling vulnerable and needs someone to lean on.

Victor calls J.T. and tells him that he wants to meet at the office in the morning to discuss Newman security. J.T. agrees. Victor tells him that he’s going to Chicago tonight. J.T. breaks into the Newman house, uses the key he found to unlock the chess board, and finds an envelope. Just then Victor turns the light on and catches J.T. Victor orders him upstairs. Victor shows him video footage of the fight that J.T. had with Victoria where he put his hands around her neck. Victor is furious with J.T. for hurting Victoria. He also knows that J.T. has been spying on him and asks if he has been working for Paul and Christine. Then he tells J.T. that he has one option and that is to pack his things and leave town immediately.

Jack sits at the bar at the Athletic Club and drowns his sorrows in booze. He vents to Sharon for a bit and then Ashley shows up. She is worried that Jack has been drinking and is afraid that he is going to confront Victor.

Dina is telling Abby stories on video. She talks about how she spent time with other men because she “needed more”. When Abby asks if she thinks that maybe John knew about the other men, she said that he knew some things, but not about this one thing. She admits to having multiple affairs, which all had consequences, but this one was different. She says that Jack was the “consequence”. He is not John Abbott’s son. Abby’s jaw hits the floor.

When Sharon gets home, Nick tells her what an idiot he was for not involving her in his new charity, and tells her that he wants her to be as involved in it as she wants to be. Sharon apologizes for asking him to move out and says she should have given him an explanation. Nick expresses his gratitude to her for having taken them in when they needed a place to go. Then they end up in each other’s arms, kissing passionately.

Ashley calls Victor to warn him that Jack has been drinking and she thinks he might be on his way to Victor’s house. She just leaves him a message though because he is still talking to J.T.

J.T. tells Victor that he isn’t going anywhere and they end up beating the daylights out of each other. The fight ends with J.T. shoving Victor down the stairs. Victor lands in an unconscious heap at the bottom of the stairs.

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