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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/29/2018

Why is Kyle Abbott Back in Town?

While Victor is lying in a hospital bed, still in a coma from being pushed down the stairs by J.T., Kyle Abbott walks into his room to see him. Kyle tells Victor to wake up so that he doesn’t miss all the fun.

At the Walnut Grove Centennial celebration and alumni reunion at the Top of the Tower, Victoria walks up to J.T. as he is arguing with Mack. J.T. is upset that Mack is keeping him from his kids. Mack is telling him how glad she is to be away from his controlling ways. Mack notices the engagement ring on Victoria’s finger and warns her not to make the same mistake that she did. J.T. tells Mack that she isn’t going to ruin his relationship with Victoria and he and Victoria walk away from her.

At the Abbott house, Jack admonishes Abby and Ashley for digging into Dina’s past affairs. Traci walks in, all dressed up for the Walnut Grove celebration. She is going to celebrate the new scholarship in her daughter Colleen’s name.

Victoria aks  J.T. why Mack is so angry with him. J.T. gets mad at her for not being more supportive of him. He wants to know why Victoria is even there, and she explains that Billy called her because he noticed that things weren’t going well between Mack and J.T. He thought that J.T. could use Victoria’s support. J.T. storms over and tells Billy to stay out of his business.

Hilary is roving around the party, filming segments for the Hilary hour. She and Phyllis talk off camera for a few minutes. Hilary is excited because her in-vitro fertilization is tomorrow.

Lily and Cane notice Hilary talking to Phyllis and Lily vows to do everything she can to stop Hilary and Devon’s “procedure” from happening.

After Jack and Traci leave for the Top of the Tower, Abby and Ashley grab Jack’s and Traci’s hair brushes so they can have DNA tests done. They are trying to verify Dina’s story about Jack not being John’s son. Paul and some police officers knock and enter the house looking for evidence in the Victor Newman case. They leave after a few minutes and Ashley says that she hopes that for Jack’s sake, they didn’t find anything.

Mack opens up to Lily about how J.T. has some deep issues and isn’t the same person he used to be. She is glad that she doesn’t have to be with him anymore, but she also doesn’t want anyone else to go through what she did. Billy walks up to the conversation and asks Mack to tell Victoria everything she knows about J.T. because his kids are living in the same house with J.T. and he wants to protect them. He leads Mack over to the table where Victoria is sitting alone and tells her that for the sake of their kids and Reed, she needs to listen to what Mack went through when she was married to J.T. Mack tells her that he constantly made her doubt herself and would blame her for every little thing. He made her feel like a terrible mother. When they went to marriage counseling, she realized how emotionally abusive he had become. Victoria defends J.T., but at least she heard what Mack had to say.

Kyle shows up at the Walnut Grove party. As he is going to catch up with friends, Jack stops him and says they need to talk. Jack wants to know why Kyle voted against him being CEO of Jabot. He also wants to know why Kyle has been associating with Victor but avoiding his own father. Kyle dodges him though when Hilary walks up. Kyle is happy to give Hilary a few minutes for her show.

Victoria and J.T. head home. J.T. wants to know what Mack told Victoria so he knows what he’s up against. Victoria tells him that Mack claimed that there was emotional abuse. J.T. denies it but Victoria thinks it’s very possible after her own fight with J.T.

Ashley visits Victor in the hospital and tells him that Paul is going after Jack for putting him in this coma. Just then, Victor opens his eyes.

Paul walks into the party at the Top of the Tower and arrests Jack for the attempted murder of Victor Newman. What evidence did Paul find earlier at the Abbott house? Did Kyle plant evidence?

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