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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/7/2018

Victoria Is Her Own Worst Enemy

Victoria implements “Employee Appreciation Day” to combat the bad feedback that she got from her employees.

Ashley tells Lily that Jack and Victoria are framing her. Lily is skeptical but Ashley tells her that Victoria has started a war and now Lily needs to pick a side.

Hilary tells Phyllis that she is determined to have Devon father her child. Phyllis tries to convince Hilary that she needs to move on.

In the break room at Jabot, Ashley lights into Victoria again for framing her for leaking company documents.

Devon and Cane have a conversation about Hilary. Cane tells him that Hilary will never change and he needs to stay away from her. Devon actually defends Hilary and tells Cane that if Lily can forgive him for his mistakes, he can’t fault Devon for forgiving Hilary.

Lily stops into Victoria’s office to tell her that she’s leaving for the day to spend time with her family but Victoria tells her that she needs her in a meeting that afternoon, even though Lily had the half day off approved already. Lily is furious with Victoria.

Ashley questions J.T. about his involvement in the set-up against her.

Devon walks into the coffeehouse and overhears Hilary telling her mentee that she will help her every step of the way with applying for and finding money to go to college. He smiles. He joins Hilary and Shawna and tells Shawna about his rough start in life. He also tells her to listen to Hilary because she knows what she is talking about.

During Victoria’s meeting where she is trying to reach out to her employees, Ashley points out Victoria’s nepotism in hiring J.T., then brings up the fact that Victoria drove Abby all the way to Paris. Then Lily joins the gripe fest because she is angry about Victoria making her stay when she was supposed to have time off. Victoria turns the tables and criticizes Lily’s performance. Lily ends up storming out of Victoria’s office. Victoria has made herself look even worse in front of her employees!

Lily goes home and tells Cane about the meeting and how upset she is that Victoria has been walking all over her. She is tempted to quit and Cane supports whatever she decides to do.

Trouble is brewing between Billy and Phyllis as he tells her that she is partially responsible for Nick’s heartbreak. He thinks that if Phyllis hadn’t told Sharon about Christian’s paternity, that could have remained a secret.

Lily walks into Victoria’s office, hands her a resignation letter, and says that she quits. After Lily walks out, Victoria sinks into her chair and can’t believe what just happened.

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