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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/8/2018

Abby and Dina Return to Genoa City

J.T. asks Victor why he has been taken off of the investigation into the Newman files being leaked to Jabot. Victor explains that he needs someone objective handling the investigation and since J.T. is living with Victoria, he is not neutral. J.T. defends Victoria and says that she would never betray Newman by leaking company documents. They both agree that they want what’s best for Victoria.

Over tea at the Club, Victoria lets Nikki know that not everything is rosy where J.T. is concerned.

Dina and Abby arrive home to a welcome from Jack and Ashley. Abby announces that she is back home for good. Dina is confused about where she is and why she is there. She is kind to Jack and Abby but doesn’t seem to remember Ashley and is a little mean to her. Jack and Ashley agree that Dina needs around the clock care and will hire someone. Ashley confronts Jack about framing her at Newman. He denies it and quickly leaves the room to go help Dina.

As Cane is leaving for work, he tells Lily to relax and enjoy her freedom from Victoria. Lily tells him that she wants to find another job right away. Cane wonders if that’s because she doesn’t want to be home with Sam. She explains that while she isn’t ready to be a full time mom again, she just wants a job that she’s good at to feel fulfilled.

Lily bumps into Jack at the Athletic Club. In conversation, Jack finds out that Lily left Newman and offers to have her come back to Jabot. She says that she will keep that in mind.

Ashley is left alone in the Abbott house to care for Dina. Dina sits down to eat some lunch and suddenly panics that Ashley is trying to hurt her. She won’t take the pill that Ashley gives her because she thinks Ashley is trying to poison her.

Abby walks into Victoria’s office to let her know that she’s back and that their dad approved her move back to Genoa City. Abby also confronts her about scheming with Jack to push Ashley out of the company.

Lily lets Cane know that she has had a modeling offer in NYC, but it’s only for a week.

Victor lets Victoria and J.T. know that he has investigated and has come to a conclusion about who has colluded with Jack.

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