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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 3/9/2018

Wrongful Termination?

Victor tells Ashley that he has concluded his investigation and he fires her for collusion with Jack/Jabot. Ashley tells him that he is wrong and this was all Victoria’s doing but he doesn’t listen. Ashley threatens to sue him for wrongful termination and storms out.

Hilary and Mariah show Shawna around GC Buzz. She practices interviewing Devon. Hilary tells Devon how sharp Shawna is and without family support. Charlie sees Shawna at GC Buzz and thinks she’s cute. Devon and Hilary invite Shawna to dinner and for a tour of Hamilton Winters. Before leaving, Shawna tells them that they should get back together.

Lily is getting ready to leave for her modeling job in New York but is very torn about leaving her family and doesn’t know if she wants to have a job where she is constantly getting pulled away from her family.

Billy and Abby find out about Victor firing Ashley and tell her that she needs to fight dirty just like Victoria is, rather than fighting Victor in court.

Lily approaches Devon about her idea to start her own beauty line. He thinks it’s a great idea.

Abby finds Jack’s cell phone records, showing lots of calls to and from Victoria. Ashley looks over Jabot records that Abby managed to obtain, and finds that Jack requested to have his office left unlocked, the night that the Newman documents were found in his desk drawer. Abby and Ashley have the proof they need to show that Victoria was colluding with Jack. Ashley tells Abby to step back and not get involved and that she will use this evidence in her court case. Abby says that will take too long and storms off to show everything to Victor.

Hilary tries to track Shawna down and finds out that she hasn’t been to school all week and she withdrew from her upcoming SAT test.

Lily goes home and tells Cane that she has decided not to do the modeling thing. Instead she is now a part of the Hamilton Winters family business.

Abby marches into Victor’s office and shows him the proof she found that Jack and Victoria conspired to get Ashley fired.

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