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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/10/2018

Kyle’s Sinister Plan Is Revealed

Victoria and Nick head to Victoria’s house to wind down after a busy day. Nick tells Victoria that Paul told him that they have video footage of a man in a dark hoodie leaving Victor’s room after the life support was turned off.

J.T. visits Victor in the hospital and finds that Abby is at his bedside. She tells J.T. that the speech therapist says that Victor will have his voice back within a day or 2 and then he can tell everyone who did this to him. J.T. claims that he’s there to get an update on Victor’s condition for Victoria. When Abby leaves the room, J.T. vows to Victor that he isn’t going to let him ruin his life. J.T. goes home to pack his bags and starts to write a goodbye note to Victoria, but changes his mind and stays.

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Dina are bonding over pizza. Dina thinks that Kyle is the “man from the Club”. Kyle tries to get Dina to tell him more about the man.  Dina tells him that she had an affair with the man. Ashley arrives at home and clearly doesn’t want Kyle talking to Dina. She escorts him out the front door. Dina meanwhile, is very curt with Ashley, still thinking she is the maid. She threatens to have Ashley fired for chasing Kyle away.

Sharon asks Mariah to handle dinner for the kids because she is meeting someone. She evades Mariah’s questions when she asks who she is meeting.  Nick gets home and finds Mariah setting up a picnic on the floor for the kids. Sharon walks into the room in a glittery evening gown and announces that she has a date. Nick looks less than pleased. Nick grills her about who she is meeting. She admits that she met him online through a dating app and this is their first date. When Nick leaves the room, Sharon tells Mariah that she still has feelings for Nick but she can’t just wait around for him to feel the same way, so she’s getting on with her life. Mariah tells her that Nick was definitely jealous.

Ashley show up at Victoria’s and tells her that Victor’s memo, stating that Victoria has been demoted and Ashley is now the CEO at Newman, has been leaked to the press.  Victoria protests and says that’s impossible with Victor incapacitated and in the hospital. Ashley shows her the news feed and tells her she’s OUT! Does anyone else think that the leak was J.T.? He needs Victoria to side with him against Victor.

Kyle holds a meeting with Lauren to tell her about changes he is making at Jabot, and tries to get her on his side. Lauren is on the Jabot board. Abby walks up on their meeting at the Club and knows exactly what Kyle is trying to do.

Victoria panics because she has to come up with a plan of attack before Victor fires her for being deceitful again. J.T. encourages her to pack up the kids and leave town with him. He says they need some rest and relaxation away from Newman. He tells her that he was already planning a family vacation in Hawaii so it won’t be hard to make plans. Victoria agrees to go!

Kyle visits Victor in the hospital. He lets Victor know that he has Lauren’ s board vote now, and he only needs one more vote on their side, which will be Phyllis’ vote. Once he sways Phyllis, they will vote to make Jabot public, and Victor will swoop in and buy it. Kyle’s plan is finally revealed.

Sharon arrives home from her date. Nick fell asleep on the couch waiting for her. When he asks her how it went, she says that he was handsome and charming but not right for her because he travels too much. She thanks Nick for caring enough about her to make sure she got home ok.

Kyle tells Victor that he has a back-up plan if Victor is still incapacitated and can’t gobble up the stock himself. He plans to let Victoria in on the plan because she will carry out her father’s wishes. He doesn’t know that Victoria is headed out of town.

Victoria calls Nikki to tell her they are going to Hawaii for a family vacation and leaving immediately. When she ends her call she comments on the amount that J.T. packed for them. J.T. claims that he just wants her to have options for all types of weather, but he really has no intention of returning to Genoa City.

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