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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/11/2018

The Trip To Hawaii Takes a Bad Turn

At the hospital, Nikki tells Victor that J.T. and Victoria left town for awhile. Victor looks unhappy.

In their hotel room in Hawaii, J.T. convinces the family to leave their phones in the desk drawer and disconnect from everything so they can just relax.  After Reed takes the younger children to the beach, J.T. tells Victoria that they should travel the world, or just stay in Hawaii and start over. They have enough money to live on for the rest of their lives. He tells her that distance between her and Victor would be good because of her issues with him. When Victoria tells him that the good in Genoa City still outweighs the bad, J.T. accuses her of being selfish and not caring about what he wants. J.T. gets mad and storms out of their hotel room.

Nick knocks on Phyllis and Billy’s door, wanting to talk with Phyllis, alone. Billy excuses himself and leaves.  He tells Phyllis that it bothered him that Sharon had a date. Phyllis tells him that Sharon is not right for him. Nick admits that they already kissed. Phyllis tries to put doubt in his head by pointing out that Sharon might just be after Christian.

Billy goes to Crimson Lights for coffee and talks to Sharon about how Nick seems to be spending more time with Phyllis lately. Sharon says she has noticed but she’s not going to let it bother her.

After J.T. leaves the room, Victoria tries to pull her phone out of the desk drawer and finds that it’s locked. When J.T. comes back, she asks him about it and he says he just locked it up to make Victoria disconnect because he knew she couldn’t resist  getting back on her phone. Just then J.T.’s phone rings…from his pocket. He never gave up his phone.

Lauren talks to Phyllis about how Kyle is planning to take the company public. Phyllis reminds him that Jack did that once before and Victor swooped in and bought the company. Phyllis is counting on Lauren to help stop him but Lauren says that she will vote with Kyle. If they sell, Lauren will make enough money to buy her own company back. She cares more about her own family legacy than Jack’s.

Nick and Nikki talk in front of Victor about how Victoria and her family went to Hawaii for a family vacation. Victor uses his finger to scrawl “JT” on an ipad, but they don’t understand why.  A moment later, Nick walks out in the hall and sees the dark haired woman that was in Victor’s room before. He holds onto her and calls the police, thinking she is the person who tried to kill Victor.

J.T. claims that one of them needed to stay connected and he just wanted Victoria to be able to relax. She grabs his phone away from him so she can text her mother. When she does, she sees that J.T. has been texting Paul a lot. Then she reads some of them and finds out that J.T. has been working for Paul and trying to get evidence against Victor. Victoria is furious!

Phyllis tells Billy that Kyle’s plan is to take Jabot public. They can’t convince Lauren to change her vote. When Billy leaves, Lauren reminds Phyllis that she works for her and she expects Phyllis to vote with her.

The mystery woman turns out to be Helen, Jabot’s chief chemist. At the police station, Paul accuses her of working with Jack to take Victor down.

J.T. tells Victoria that he had to work for Paul and Christine or face being prosecuted for helping Nikki. He also explains that he fell in love with Victoria again during his investigation, but the investigation is over and he stayed because he loves her. He tells her that he whisked her away from Genoa City because Victor and Newman are bad for her. He admits that he leaked the memo to the press to get Victoria to leave town and leave Newman.

At the station, Nikki asks Paul if the mystery woman is the person who tried to kill him. Paul says no and introduces Nikki to Helen, Victor’s mistress.

Billy visits Jack at the jail to let him know that Kyle’s plan is to take Jabot public and they both know that Victor will buy the stock.

Victoria tells J.T. that his failures in life have changed him and made him bitter. She tells him that their relationship is done and she’s taking the kids and going home.  He tries to stop her from leaving the room, then tells her that if she walks out, he won’t be there when she gets back and she will never see him again. She says “Great! Then we’re on the same page!” and walks out.

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