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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/13/2018

J.T. Won’t Be Hurting Victoria Anymore

In yesterday’s episode, Sharon planned a girls night for Victoria to cheer her up after breaking things off with J.T.  The attendees are Nikki, Phyllis, Mariah, Sharon, and Victoria. They have drinks and chat about each other’s lives. J.T. knocks on the door and tries to convince Victoria to give him another chance, but she says no. In today’s episode, Victoria breaks down and decides to tell the group of women the truth about what has been going on with J.T. She tells the specifics of his verbal, emotional, and physical abuse. Sharon and Nikki are very empathetic and so proud of her for leaving him. Victoria feels stupid for allowing it to happen and thinks that she is weak. Nikki tells her that she is strong because she survived.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. vents to Cane about his break-up with Victoria. Cane advises him to go after what he wants. J.T. agrees, tells Cane that he won’t ever see him again, and he’s probably going to hear some not so good things about him.

After Victoria goes upstairs to wash her face and relax, Nikki thanks Sharon and Phyllis for their support of Victoria and promises to never forget.

As Victoria is washing her face in the bathroom, she hears a noise and turns around to find J.T. standing there. He broke into the house through the window. He claims that he wants to fight for Victoria because he loves her. She tells him to leave, but he follows her into the bedroom. He says that he wants to be a loving husband and father and begs her to go away with her because he can’t do that in Genoa City. He promises to get help when they go away. Victoria tells him that their life together is over and she is staying.  Victoria tells him that if it weren’t for Reed, she would walk away and forget she ever knew him. J.T. insists that Mack got to her and that’s why she is saying these things. J.T. tells Victoria that she is being the “same cold bitch” that she always has been and turns everything on her. He tells her how controlling she is and that she allows Victor to run her life. J.T. tells her that Victor threatened him if he didn’t leave town and that they all would have been better off if Victor had died in the fall down the stairs. Victoria asks J.T. if he was the one who shoved Victor down the stairs. J.T. admits that he did it but it was an accident. Victoria is dumbfounded that he left Victor to die, that he came home with champagne after pushing him down the stairs. Victoria rushes to the phone to try to call the police but J.T. starts throwing her around to stop her. Victoria starts screaming.

The ladies downstairs hear the commotion and run upstairs. Nikki sees J.T. with his hands on Victoria, picks up the fireplace poker, and bashes J.T. in the head, knocking him to the floor. Victoria, Nikki, Phyllis, and Sharon just stare at each other in shock, not knowing what to do.

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