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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/16/2018

J.T. is Dead!

Nick goes to the hospital to sit by Victor’s bedside. He fills him in on everything that’s going on. He implores Victor to try to tell him who pushed him down the stairs. Using Nick’s phone, Victor is able to scrawl “J.T.”

After Nikki bashed J.T. with the fireplace poker, they check his pulse and find that he’s dead.  Mariah wakes from her drunken stupor and Sharon gets her to go home so she won’t find out what happened. Nikki, Victoria, Sharon, and Phyllis try to decide what to do now. Victoria lets them know that J.T. is the one who pushed Victor down the stairs and left him to die. She thinks they should call the police now since they had a reason for stopping J.T. Phyllis tells her that the first thing they will do is arrest Nikki for murder and they will all be charged as accessories to murder.

Paul and Christine are talking about the case against Jack. Paul isn’t convinced that it’s Jack. Paul gets a call that the anonymous blood found at the scene was J.T.’s. Christine thinks that his blood could have been there just because he’s family and he’s been at the house many times. Paul knows that J.T. was feeling bitter and resentful and it could have been him, who pushed Victor down the stairs. Their prime suspect is now J.T.

Nick can’t understand why Victor has written J.T.’s name twice now. Victor is getting more upset but still can’t verbalize why he’s identifying J.T.

Victoria is beating herself up for letting J.T. get so close to her and control her. The ladies try to tell her that this is not her fault.  As they are talking, J.T.’s phone, which is in his pocket, starts ringing. Sharon fishes the phone out of his pocket and sees that it’s Nick calling. They don’t answer. Meanwhile, they turn around and notice that Victoria slipped out of the room.

Victoria has gone out to her car. As she’s getting ready to leave, Paul knocks on her car window and wants to talk to her about J.T.

Phyllis, Sharon, and Nikki can’t find Victoria in the house. They see her walking back in with Paul. Paul says that he needs to speak with J.T. and wants to know if he’s there. Phyllis tells Paul that Victoria is upset because she and J.T. broke up. She explains that J.T. stayed in Hawaii while Victoria and the kids came home. Paul asks what hotel they were staying in in Hawaii and then leaves. He tells Victoria that their break-up was probably for the best.

At the hospital, Victor is finally able to tell Nick that J.T. did this to him. Nick calls Paul to tell him. Paul says he has enough for a warrant to bring J.T. in for attempted murder. Paul found out earlier that J.T. already caught a flight back to Genoa City so he thinks it will be easy to pick him up.

Victoria starts to feel bad that J.T. is lying upstairs, dead. Nikki reminds her of the abuse that she suffered and that it could have ended much worse. She talks about how her father was abusive and tried to rape her and she killed him. She swore she would always protect Victoria from harm and that’s what she did when she hit J.T.

Nick leaves Victor to go make sure that Victoria is ok, since she isn’t answering her phone.

Sharon thinks they need to go to the police. Phyllis points out that they will all be locked up, and Sharon will be taken away from Faith, Victoria will be taken away from her kids, and Nikki won’t be able to take care of Victor. Phyllis tells them that they need to get rid of the body.

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