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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/17/2018

The Ladies Figure Out What to do with J.T.’s Body

As Nick is leaving the hospital to go to Victoria’s to check on her, Mariah calls him and tells him that she’s worried about Sharon and the other ladies who were at “Girls night” at Victoria’s. Sharon isn’t answering her phone and J.T. is on the loose. Nick has an even greater sense of urgency to get over there.

Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon debate how they are going to get rid of J.T.’s body. They finally decide to bury him in Chancellor Park since some dirt has recently been dug up there for the new garden. Nikki and Victoria grab a large rug to roll him in so they can carry him out of the house.

Hilary tries to show Devon that she has changed by working on some new charity ideas.  She wants to meet with Devon to discuss her ideas, but he has plans with Simone.

As the ladies are dragging J.T.’s body down the stairs, rolled up in the rug, Nick knocks on the front door. They finally let him in and they act like everything is fine. Nick tells them that Victor identified J.T. as his attacker, and Victoria acts as if she didn’t know. Nick refuses to leave them alone since he thinks that J.T. is on the loose.

Christine tells Jack that he’s off the hook now since Victor has identified J.T. Jack thinks he can just go free now, but Christine tells him that his release still has to be processed through the court so he’s stuck at the jail for at least another night.

The ladies finally convince Nick that they’re ok and he leaves. They go back to dragging the rug with J.T. in it, out the back door.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary crashes Devon’s date with Simone. She pretends to faint, so Devon rushes to help her. She wonders aloud if her fainting spell means that she’s pregnant, angering Devon. He accuses her of pulling a stunt.

At Sharon’s house, Nick and Mariah both talk about how they were rushed out of Victoria’s house and they wonder what the ladies aren’t telling them.

The ladies arrive at the park and drag J.T.’s body to the hole in the ground.

Devon and Hilary start yelling at each other in the middle of the club. Neil walks in and tells them to stop!

The ladies dump the body into the hole and agree that Victoria needs to dispose of the rug somewhere else. Victoria says she should be the one to bury him. She takes the shovel from Phyllis and starts shoveling dirt into the “grave”.

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