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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/18/2018

Jack’s Impeccable Timing

Neil comes back to work at the Hamilton Winters Group and is upset that Devon has made big changes without consulting him. He didn’t know that Lily now has a modeling division and that Hilary is working there.

Victoria is getting ready for work and finds J.T.’s phone in the desk drawer. Just then, Paul and an officer knock on the door with a search warrant. They want to find something of J.T.’s that might lead them to him.  They go up to the bedroom to search.

Kyle finds out that Jack is being released from jail today and rushes to call the board meeting that will take Jabot public. He also uses Victor’s name with the judge who will be releasing Jack, and asks him to detain Jack just a bit longer.

Billy and Phyllis go to Victoria’s to check on her. Victoria tells them that Paul is upstairs searching for evidence to find J.T. While Billy is distracted, Phyllis manages to sneak the fireplace poker (murder weapon) and J.T.’s phone out of the house, in her coat.

Paul comes downstairs with a couple of J.T.’s things, including a tablet that he found hidden on J.T.’s side of the closet. Victoria tells him that she doesn’t recognize it, but the cover looks like Victor’s.

After Paul leaves, Nikki stops by to check on Victoria. She tells her that the rug is at the ranch because she hasn’t had a chance to dispose of it. Victoria suggests that they loop Victor in because he would know how to dispose of evidence. Nikki tells her that’s a bad idea because Victor could use it against all 4 of them in the future. Nikki also tells her that Victor knows about J.T.’s abuse somehow. While the 2 ladies are chatting, Phyllis calls to let them know she threw the poker in a lake and tossed the phone near the airport to make it look like J.T. disposed of it on his way out of town.

At Jabot, everyone gathers for the board meeting, except for Jack who is still in jail. Ashley, Abby, and Billy try to convince Kyle to stop this and tell him he won’t get away with it.

Nikki goes to Crimson Lights to ask Sharon to help her get rid of the rug since it’s too heavy for her to do alone. Sharon doesn’t want to, but Nikki points out that Phyllis even helped them out and she doesn’t even like the Newmans!

Kyle starts the vote at the Jabot board meeting. The vote is tied until Phyllis runs in at the last minute. Lauren reminds her that she gave her a job when nobody else would. Phyllis ends up siding with Lauren and Kyle to take Jabot public.

Nikki and Sharon arrive back at the coffeehouse after dumping the rug into an incerator on the ranch grounds. They hope there isn’t any more evidence to be taken care of.

Victoria visits Victor in the hospital. He is all smiles and very glad to see her. She tells Victor that she feels weak and stupid for staying in a relationship with J.T. She thinks it’s her fault that Victor is in the hospital right now because she brought J.T. back into their lives. Victor tells her it wasn’t her fault and she hugs him.

Back at the board meeting, Ashley stands up to tell Kyle that he doesn’t have the authority to call this vote. She is about to tell everyone that Kyle is not a blood Abbott but before she can, Jack walks into the office and calls off the vote. Then he tells Kyle to get out of his chair.

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