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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/19/2018

Now That Jack is Back…

Abby and Ashley are surprised to see Victoria back at work. She says that she is fine and needs to be there in Victor’s absence.

At Crimson Lights, Nick talks to Billy about Victoria. He is worried that Victoria hasn’t told him the whole story regarding J.T.

Jack is back at Jabot. He calls to leave Gloria a message about hiring her back as his assistant.  Kyle walks into Jack’s office and wants to discuss his ideas for the company with him.

Victoria and Ashley argue over who is going to be acting CEO. Nikki walks into the office and tells them that she has an announcement regarding the future of Newman Enterprises.

Lily, Devon, and Neil are having a meeting at HWG. Hilary walks in and wants to know why she wasn’t invited to the meeting. Neil firmly tells her to get lost.  After Hilary and Lily leave, Devon lays into Neil and tells him that they are supposed to be equal partners and he doesn’t like how Neil has been dictating every move they make, ever since he got back into town.

Jack and Kyle talk. Jack wants to know what or who got to Kyle to make him turn against his own father.

Nikki tells Ashley and Victoria that Victor doesn’t want either of them in charge during his absence. Nikki will be running the company. She tells them that if they aren’t on board, they can leave. Ashley agrees to work with Nikki. Victoria is not so thrilled.

Neil apologizes for being so pushy but then he makes Devon feel bad for having tried to have a baby with Hilary. Devon hopes she isn’t pregnant but if she is, he still plans to be a father to his baby.

Kyle said he is upset with Jack for sending him to New York instead of grooming him to take the top spot at Jabot. He decided to fight for what he wants, even if that means fighting with Jack.

Neil visits with Mattie, Charlie, and Lily at Crimson Lights. He tells Lily that she will be a huge success with her new modeling division. Then he tells Lily that they need to give Devon a break and back off of Hilary a little.

Victoria tells Nikki that she wanted to run Newman to stay busy and forget about what happened with J.T. Nikki explains that she is taking over because she doesn’t want Ashley running the family company and because she doesn’t think that Victoria is in the right frame of mind right now.

At the Club, Hilary runs into Neil. She tells him that she wants to have a good relationship with him since they will be working together. Neil wants nothing to do with her and tells her that she better not hurt anyone that he loves.

Kyle calls several of the Jabot execs together for a meeting in Jack’s office, including Billy, Ashley, and Jack and has a champagne toast to Jack’s return to Jabot. Kyle tells Jack that he wants to start over. He announces that he wants to move back to Genoa City and work at Jabot. Jack agrees to give it a shot.

Neil and Devon sit down together and make up. Neil says that he is in Devon’s corner and will support his relationship with his new baby if there is one. Devon asks him if he’s willing to do diaper duty.

Jack tells Billy that he doesn’t trust a word Kyle says so he is planning to keep him close, and hopes that he proves himself. He asks Billy to come back to Jabot and help him watch over Kyle. Jack says that he wants to put his family back at Jabot. Billy agrees to come back.

Nick visits Victoria at Newman because he has a lot of questions about what happened with J.T. and where J.T. is now. Victoria answers a few of his questions but then tells Nick to just let the police handle it. Victoria says that she only cares that J.T. is gone, but Nick wants him found and punished.

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