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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/2/2018

Will Mack Get Through to Victoria?

J.T. expresses concern for Victoria, who hasn’t slept because she is so worried about Victor. J.T. says she needs TLC and also wants to take her and the kids out to celebrate their engagement, but she tells him that it’s not the right time to celebrate.

Abby and Ashley try to decide what to do with the information that Jack is not John Abbott’s biological son. Ashley thinks they should run the test again, or that they never should have run it at all.  Ashley says that she knew that John loved her even if they weren’t blood related, but the Abbott name has always been the most important thing in Jack’s life and he won’t handle it well if he’s not an Abbott.

Devon wakes up next to Hilary after their night of trying to make a baby.

Lily tells Mariah about how she kept Hilary from going to her insemination appointment because she was trying to protect Devon. Mariah tells her that Hilary might have some good things to offer a child, and that Devon and Hilary have a connection that she isn’t going to be able to stop.

Ashley says that she can’t take away Jack’s father and his CEO position, even though he did it to her.

Jack talks to Phyllis and Billy about why Kyle is in town and what he might be working on with Victor. Phyllis vows to do whatever she can to help prove Jack’s innocence.

J.T. sits down with Mack to try to finalize the details of their divorce so that Victoria will feel like they can get on with their life and be happy about being engaged.  Mack makes him agree to supervised visits with their children because of his emotional abuse. She asks him why he is in such a hurry to marry Victoria. Is it because he’s afraid that Victoria will listen to her stories of abuse and change her mind about marrying him?

Abby and Ashley go to the hospital to check on Victor. Victoria meets them in the hall and tells them there is no change in his condition. Then she starts trash-talking Jack for having done this to her father.

Abby and Ashley go to visit Jack at the jail. Ashley announces that she is dropping her defamation of character lawsuit against him to try to make his life a little easier.

Mackenzie goes to the coffee house to grab a cup of coffee. She talks to Sharon about how J.T. was so emotionally abusive to her and is worried about Victoria. Victoria walks in, overhears, and gets upset with her for spreading her “gossip” all over town. Mack wishes Victoria luck and leaves.

On his way to workout at the gym, Nick runs into J.T. Nick congratulates J.T. on his engagement to Victoria. J.T. promises not to screw things up again!

Sharon talks to Victoria and is concerned about her relationship with J.T. Sharon gives her the name of a relationship counselor and hopes she will call for some counseling and advice.

Lily and Mariah both received texts from Devon and Hilary, saying that they would be late. They are a little suspicious that the two might be together.

As Hilary and Devon are getting dressed and ready to leave the suite, they decide to increase their odds of getting pregnant and fall back into each other’s arms to make love again.

Ashley decides that as long as Jack is in jail, she cannot tell Jack that he isn’t John Abbott’s biological son.

J.T. walks in the door at home, excited to tell Victoria that Mack has agreed to sign the divorce papers, and wants Victoria to pick a wedding date. Victoria tells J.T. that she can’t marry him.

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