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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/20/2018

Can Abby and Ashley Bury the Evidence of Jack’s True Paternity For Good?

Nikki chastises Victor for demanding to be released from the hospital today and warns that he could relapse by leaving his doctor’s care too soon. As they are talking, Victor’s mistress Helen, walks into his hospital room.

Phyllis warns Sharon that Nick is poking around and wants to find answers surrounding J.T.’s whereabouts. Phyllis encourages Sharon to do what she can to distract Nick. As Sharon is protesting, Nick texts her and asks her to meet him at Chancellor Park.

At the Abbott house, Ashley, Abby, and Jack are talking about how dangerous Kyle is to the future of Jabot, now that he has teamed up with Victor. As they are talking, Kyle rings the doorbell, comes in and asks if he can move in.

Nikki is irritated with Victor and Helen for not being more discreet, though she is probably just jealous. Victor asks Nikki where she was the night that he was attacked.

Kyle pleads his case by saying that the Athletic Club doesn’t feel like home and now that he’s back for good, he wants to be around family. Dina walks in and says that she votes yes.

Sharon and Phyllis are stressing over why Nick wants to meet Sharon at the park where they buried J.T. They are wondering if he has found something. Phyllis warns Sharon that she better be strong and not crack when Nick starts asking her questions.

Nikki apologizes for not being by Victor’s side the night of his attack, but won’t tell him the name of the man she was with, claiming that isn’t part of their agreement.

Jack tells Ashley and Abby that he wants Kyle to live with them because it will be easier to keep an eye on him. He thinks it will also be harder for Kyle to have such animosity for him if they are living together day in and day out. Ashley reluctantly agrees.

Sharon meets with Nick at the park. As they stand over the flower bed that has become J.T.’s grave, Nick talks to Sharon about wanting her to be involved with the community garden project. Sharon tells him that she would love to talk about her involvement in the project, but not there, and drags him away.  They go back to the coffee house where Phyllis is waiting for an update from Sharon. Nick wants to know why she was waiting for Sharon, so Phyllis “admits” that she wanted to know if Nick was planning to go after J.T. She advises him to let the cops handle it, making him suspicious because Sharon and Victoria told him the same thing.

Jack stops by the Newman ranch to find Nikki, Helen, and Victor chatting after their dinner together. Jack accuses Helen of spying on Jabot for Victor. Nikki explains that Helen is Victor’s mistress. Jack immediately tells Helen that he will terminate her contract the next day because he can no longer trust her since she’s with Victor.

Ashley and Abby toss the memory card where Dina was recorded talking about Jack’s paternity, into the fire.

Jack stopped by to ask Victor what he wants with Kyle. He tells Victor that he stole his hard drive, where he found dozens of emails between him and Kyle and they started during the time when Jack was seeing Nikki. He asks Victor if his collusion with Kyle was revenge for Jack stealing his wife. Jack warns Victor to stay away from his company and his son.

Kyle suspected Ashley and Abby of burning something in the fireplace so he stealthily sifts through the ashes and finds the memory card, which didn’t really burn.

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