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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/23/2018

Is Hilary Really Pregnant?

While Victoria and Nikki are having breakfast at the Club, Victoria breaks down and tells Nikki that she is really struggling emotionally with all of the turmoil surrounding J.T. She decides to take the day off work to try to get her emotions in check.

After Victoria leaves, Nikki notices Arturo at a nearby table and asks him if he would like to have lunch upstairs in her suite, minus the food!

Hilary tries to talk to Devon but he blows her off for a conference call so she storms out of the office.

Kyle probes Abby for information about the video of Dina that she is putting together.

At the club, Nikki and Arturo come downstairs holding hands. He must have agreed to lunch!

Victoria goes to see the therapist that she and J.T. had seen. She tells the therapist how she put up with way too much from J.T. She tells her how he convinced her to take her family 4,000 miles away, and he tried to get her to leave her family and career and move to someplace remote.  The therapist asks Victoria about J.T.’s involvement in the crime against Victor. Victoria starts to talk about it but then gets up and rushes out.

Reed wants information about his dad. He agrees to play a game of chess against Victor if Victor will give him information about J.T.  Victor tells Reed that J.T. only got back together with Victoria to get information on him. He wanted to put Victor in jail. Reed stands up and yells at Victor for lying about his dad.

Hilary tries to get Devon’s attention again, but he is on a call and waves her off.  She scribbles something on a post it note, sticks it to a bag, and throws it on his desk and walks out. Devon looks at it and it says “Plus means positive”, and there is a positive pregnancy test in the bag. Devon goes to find her. He finds Hilary at the bar at the Club and accuses her of playing games with him because he thinks it’s too soon for a positive result.  She insists that she’s pregnant.  Hilary angrily tells him that he doesn’t have to be part of this baby’s life. She is happy to write anonymous donor on the birth certificate.

Arturo, still at the Club, notices Abby sitting alone and goes to her table to chat with her.  They are very flirtatious with each other.

Kyle stops by the Newman ranch to visit Victor. He is unhappy that his attempt to take Jabot public didn’t work. Kyle is miserable at Jabot now that Jack is back and asks Victor for a job at Newman. Victor says no because he wants Kyle at Jabot to get info for him. Kyle tells him that Ashley and Abby are keeping a secret about Dina. Victor tells him that Dina is off limits because she is dealing with a terrible disease, and he needs to leave her alone.

Devon still wants to be a father to his baby. Hilary tells him to go enjoy his life for the next 9 months because she and the baby don’t need anything from him. Devon demands that she keep him informed of anything that he needs to know regarding the baby.

Nikki drives Reed home from the ranch. He had stolen J.T.’s car to drive himself there, with a suspended license. Victoria sends him up to his room and then tells Nikki she doesn’t know what to do with Reed. Nikki tells her that they just need to help him through this.

Nikki walks into the Club and sees Arturo toasting to his new friendship with Abby. She immediately walks back out of the Club.

Victoria and Reed sit down to talk. She confirms what Victor said about J.T. trying to dig up something on Victor. She also tells him that J.T. had a lot of rage in him that he hid from Reed, and  that would prevent them from being a family again. Reed thinks that if J.T. would just come back, that he could work on things. Victoria tells him that she doesn’t think he will be coming back, and Reed cries.

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