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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/24/2018

Hilary Drops A Bomb

Reed is angry with Victoria because J.T. is gone. He blames Victoria for not allowing J.T. to apologize to her and try to fix things. Victoria almost tells Reed that J.T. was abusive with her but stops herself and says that she can’t forgive what J.T. did to Victor.

Hilary texts  Neil, Lily,Tessa, Mariah, and Devon to invite them to lunch at the Top of the Tower. Devon intercepts Hilary before she walks into the office, to ask her what this lunch is all about. Hilary is planning to announce her pregnancy to the group. Devon asks her to hold off on the announcement for awhile so he can figure out how to break the news to those who aren’t going to be happy about it. Hilary agrees and cancels the lunch.

Paul drops by the Newman ranch to talk with Victor. Nikki sits by Victor’s side as Paul asks him why J.T. might have had his tablet. It is password protected so the police haven’t seen what’s on it. Victor pulls up the video footage of J.T. choking Victoria during their fight. Nikki is horrified because she didn’t know that there was video footage of the incident. Paul thanks Victor for the information, taking the tablet as evidence when he leaves. After Paul leaves, Nikki is upset with Victor for having violated Victoria’s privacy by putting cameras in her house, and for showing Paul the footage.  It could implicate Victoria in J.T.’s disappearance.

Jack walks into his office at Jabot and finds Kyle in his chair. Kyle was getting ready to snoop through Jack’s laptop, but claims that he was just looking for his fancy pen that Jack had given him for graduation.  Jack doesn’t believe him, but lets it go. Jack assigns Kyle to the task of calling all of the valued employees that he let go while Jack was away, to apologize and rehire them. He also tells Kyle that he is going to do Gloria’s job and be his assistant until he can convince her to come back.

Nikki sits down with Arturo at the Club to tell him that she saw him with Abby. She scolded him and told him that he could have at least told her that their last time together would be the LAST time.

Paul goes to Victoria’s to talk to her about J.T.  Paul met with Cane earlier so he has questions about what Cane said. J.T. gave Cane the impression that he was headed home to Victoria the night that he disappeared. Victoria tells Paul that he never showed. Then Paul tells Victoria that J.T. had Victor’s tablet with video footage of J.T. abusing Victoria. Victoria is shocked and can’t understand why there is video of their fight.

Gloria walks back into Jabot to tell Jack to stop texting her. Jack begs her to come back but she says no unless her terms are met. Jack agrees to give her a new title, a raise in pay, extra vacation, and get rid of Helen. Jack agrees to everything and then takes Gloria to lunch.

Arturo tells Nikki that he isn’t sleeping with Abby and asks if they can just take their relationship day by day. Nikki agrees.

Paul tells Victoria about the camera that Victor had planted in her home. Paul wishes that Victoria had come to him because he has experience with abuse. His ex-wife killed her husband because he abused her. Victoria tells Paul that it wouldn’t have helped and that she broke things off with J.T. for good. Victoria comments that J.T. won’t be coming back. Paul wants to know why she thinks that because all of his stuff is still there and so is Reed.

At the Hamilton Winters Group, Lily turns on the end of Hilary’s show, with Devon, Simone, and Neil standing there. On live tv, Hilary announces that she is pregnant and Devon is the father. Simone looks horrified.

While Jack is away at lunch, Kyle uses his laptop to try to view the memory card that he found in the fireplace at the Abbott house. He sees that it has something to do with Dina’s interviews, but then the file is corrupt and he can’t see anything else. He starts to throw the card in the trash but changes his mind and holds onto it.

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