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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/25/2018

Victoria Loses Another Man

Billy arrives for his first day back at Jabot, as COO. Kyle expresses his disappointment that he didn’t get the job. Billy thanks him for forfeiting the position when he tried to take Jabot public.

At Victoria’s house, Phyllis asks her how things are going. Victoria tells her about Victor planting a camera in her house and recording the fight where J.T. put his hands on Victoria’s neck. Phyllis suggests that Victor might have planted other cameras in the house and could have footage of the night that J.T. was killed!

Nick arrives at the ranch early for the New Hope project meeting. He wants to visit with Victor.

At the coffeehouse, Sharon can tell that Reed is upset and tries to console him. Reed tells her that he can’t understand why J.T. is “ghosting” him when he worked so hard to get back into Reed’s life.

In Jack’s office, he assigns Kyle more busy work, while he gives Billy important projects, including one of the projects that Kyle had been working on.

Phyllis and Victoria look around but don’t find any other cameras. Victoria thinks that Victor would have said something to her or Nikki by now if he had footage of Nikki hitting J.T. over the head.

Sharon tells Reed that J.T. has a very violent side and Victoria broke things off to protect Reed. Reed says that he still loves his dad, no matter what.

Nick and Victor have an emotional bonding moment. Victor tells him how much it meant to him that Nick was by his side in the hospital. Nick tells Victor that no matter what has happened in the past, he will always love his dad and be there for him. Victor sobs.

Jack warns Billy not to make too big an enemy of Kyle because Kyle will start gunning for Billy too. Billy has lots of ideas regarding innovation and public relations. Jack reminds Billy that he is in charge of Jabot, not Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Sharon talk. Sharon is feeling bad about Reed and thinks they should go to Paul and tell him everything. Nikki tells her to get those thoughts out of her head! She will talk to Victoria and make sure that Reed is taken care of.

Reed calls Billy and wants to meet with him. Billy drops everything to go meet him.

Kyle runs into Ravi at Jabot and tells him how wonderful and brilliant he is. Ravi wants to know what Kyle wants from him.

Reed tells Billy that he doesn’t want to live with Victoria anymore. He’s upset with Victoria for the way things turned out with J.T.

Nikki comes back home to the ranch to find Nick helping Victor with a glass of water. She is pleased to see that their relationship is improving. Victor asks Nikki if there is any news on J.T.’s whereabouts. Then he tells Nick that he hasn’t heard the whole story about J.T. and fills him in on how J.T. abused Victoria. Nick is furious and says that if J.T. ever comes back to town, he will kill him with his bare hands. Nick is angry that Nikki didn’t tell him earlier and wants to go talk to Victoria. Nikki tells him to leave Victoria alone to process everything.  The conversation ends when Jack and Arturo arrive for the New Hope meeting.

Kyle gives Ravi the memory card and asks him if he can restore it. Ravi says he will do what he can but makes no promises.

Billy takes Reed home to talk to Victoria. Reed tells her that he can’t live somewhere where everyone thinks his dad is a villain. He tells her that he found a boarding school that focuses on music where he would like to go. He wants to show his dad that he is following his passion. Billy tells Victoria to listen and consider Reed’s needs right now.  Victoria is sad to be losing her baby earlier than she planned, but she agrees to let him go. She makes Reed promise to call her every day and invite her to every parent activity. She tells him how proud she is of him and that J.T. would be too. When Reed leaves the room, Victoria sobs.

At Sharon’s home, Nick wonders why Sharon wasn’t at the New Hope project meeting. She makes an excuse about work being busy, but she’s avoiding Nick. Sharon can tell that Nick is upset and asks him what’s wrong. Nick tells her that he is more determined than ever to find J.T. because he was abusing Victoria.

After the New Hope meeting at the ranch, Nikki talks to Arturo about some business related things but their conversation is very suggestive and Victor overhears. He now knows who Nikki’s other man is.

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