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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/26/2018

What Will Kyle Do With the Family Secret?

At the coffeehouse, Nick is on the phone with Victor’s investigators, trying to find J.T. When he gets off the phone, he tells Sharon that he is headed to Victoria’s to talk to her about J.T. Sharon tries to convince him not to go over there. She doesn’t want Victoria to be pressured to give Nick more information than she should.

Mack shows up at Victoria’s door, wanting to know where the father of her children is. She and Victoria have a discussion about J.T.’s abusive behavior. Victoria apologizes for not having listened when Mack tried to warn her. Mack apologizes for not trying harder to get through to her. Victoria tells her that she has no idea where J.T. is. Mack still wants him found for the sake of her children.

At the Abbott house, Kyle asks Abby why she quit doing the video segments of Dina. Jack wants to know too. Abby explains that Dina was getting really confused and it was hard to tell what was real and what was fantasy, so she stopped. Just then Dina comes downstairs, dressed for her swim lesson at the pool at the Club, even though it’s night time.

At the HWG office, Neil tries to bring up the subject of Hilary and the baby to Devon, but Devon shuts him down, saying that he won’t talk about it.

Hilary meets with Phyllis at the coffee house. Phyllis congratulates her on the pregnancy. Hilary tells her that Devon doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore because of Simone.

Not wanting to wait any longer, Nick heads over to talk to Victoria. Phyllis heads over to the house to prevent him from talking to her because she’s afraid that Victoria will spill everything. Phyllis knocks on the door, claiming that she’s there for girls night, and kicks Nick out. After Nick leaves, Sharon arrives too. Sharon is starting to struggle with the guilt of their secret. She leaves, claiming that she needs to get some air.

While Devon is sitting at the bar at the Club, Jack walks up and sits down. Devon vents a little about Hilary. Jack advises him to not let his feelings for the mother of his child affect his relationship with his child. Jack is speaking from experience because of his lousy relationship with Kyle.

Sharon is standing in the park, over J.T.’s grave. Victoria and Phyllis show up and tell her this isn’t a good place to “get some air”. Sharon doesn’t want to talk to them and leaves.

Hilary and Lily fight because Hilary tells Lily she will never see the baby. Lily says that she will get her baby access through Devon. Then the ladies attack each other until Neil breaks it up.

Kyle gets a text from Ravi. He was able to crack the file and he sends it to Kyle. Kyle begins watching the video of Dina telling Abby she has a secret that John doesn’t know about.

When Nick arrives home to Sharon’s house, he can tell that she seems to be upset about something and asks her about it. She just says that she had a long day and heads up to bed. Nick looks suspicious.

Phyllis and Victoria go back to Victoria’s house. Phyllis vows to not let Sharon ruin things for the rest of them.

Sharon dreams that she is standing in the park over the flower bed where J.T. is buried. She sees the dirt moving and then J.T.’s hand reaches up through the dirt. Sharon screams and Nick comes running. He asks her to tell him what the nightmare is about but she doesn’t. She asks for a drink. Nick walks downstairs to get her some tea and has a look of suspicion on his face.

Kyle is sitting on the sofa at the Abbott house, getting ready to continue watching the video of Dina on his phone. Jack interrupts and wants to watch the ball game on tv with Kyle. Kyle blows him off, telling him he has to work. When Jack leaves, Kyle returns to the video and hears Dina say that Jack is the consequence of one of her affairs!

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