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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/27/2018

No Baby For Hilary

Victoria throws a going away party for Reed.

Hilary runs into Devon at the Club and he ignores her. When she calls after him, he lets her have it for announcing that she’s pregnant with Devon’s baby on tv. Devon tells her that he is planning to smooth things over with Simone, much to Hilary’s dismay.

Nikki is headed out to Reed’s party. Victor decides to stay home, claiming his doctor advised him to stay home and rest. After Nikki leaves, Victor calls Arturo to come meet with him.

Billy and Phyllis show up for the party at Victoria’s.  Alone together, Phyllis tells Victoria that it’s probably a good thing that Reed is going away to school, because it will make it easier for Victoria to get past this and move on. Victoria doesn’t know how she will ever get past this.

At Sharon’s house, she is sitting on the couch and yells out when she hears a loud crash. It was just Mariah dropping a plate in the kitchen, but Mariah and Nick come running to see if Sharon is ok. Nick wants to know why she is so jumpy and scared lately. Sharon insists that she’s fine. Nick invites her to go to Reed’s going away party with him. Sharon tries to say no, but Nick and Mariah insist, so she goes with him.

Arturo arrives at the ranch, thinking that he’s there for a New Hope project meeting. He asks Victor where Nikki and the others are. Victor informs him that this is a meeting just for the 2 of them.

Against Abby’s advice, Kyle takes Dina out to the Club. He claims that he just wants to get to know his grandmother better.

After everyone has shown up for Reed’s party, Phyllis, Nikki, and Sharon start bickering as they always used to. Phyllis points out that it’s a good thing that they are arguing like always because people would be suspicious if they were all suddenly best friends.

At her first OB appointment since getting pregnant, Hilary is very excited about all of the things she needs to do to have a healthy baby. The doctor comes back in the room after her blood test and informs her that she isn’t pregnant.  Hilary can’t understand what happened because she had a positive test at home. The doctor explains that it was just a false positive.

At the party, Nick and Billy notice the 4 ladies talking and they can’t believe how much the ladies bonded from just one girls night.

Reed tells Billy that he keeps expecting his dad to walk through the door. Sharon overhears and feels really guilty. She tells him that she’s so sorry for what he’s going through and feels partially responsible. He looks really confused so she tells him that she just feels like she gave him some bad advice the other day.

Hilary walks up to Devon and Simone’s table at the Club. She asks to speak with Devon about the baby, planning to tell him that there isn’t a baby. Devon tells her that Simone can hear whatever she has to say. Hilary changes her mind and simply tells him that she had an OB appointment today and everything is fine.

Reed is happy to see Mattie at his party. They apologize to each other for past mistakes and say they will miss each other.

Nick asks Victoria if she knows what’s going on with Sharon because she has been so jumpy lately. Victoria just explains it away as Sharon being dramatic as usual.  Sharon looks at the fireplace at Victoria’s and has a flashback memory of Nikki hitting J.T. with the poker. She quickly jumps up and says she has to leave.

Victor claims that he just wants to talk about the financials of the New Hope project because that’s not really Nikki’s thing. Arturo and Victor talk and then Arturo leaves.

At GC Buzz, Hilary arrives to a studio full of baby gifts that her viewers have sent. Mariah also has baby references written into the day’s show. Hilary gets flustered and tells her to change the script!

When Kyle gets back to the Abbott house with Dina, she is very happy but tired and wants to go lie down. Abby is thrilled to see Dina so happy and tells Kyle to keep doing what he’s doing. She doesn’t know that he’s trying to get information out of Dina about who Jack’s father is.

On the air, Mariah talks up Hilary’s pregnancy. Hilary gets emotional and talks about being authentic with the audience.  Right as it seems that she is getting ready to tell the truth, Devon walks into the studio and she stops and just says that the response from her followers has been wonderful.

Nikki arrives back at the ranch. Victor informs her that he had a meeting with Arturo and doesn’t trust him. He tells Nikki that she must fire him or she is going to have trouble with him. Nikki gets angry and tells Victor that this is her project and she will hire who she wants.

Phyllis finds Sharon sitting at the bar at the Club. Phyllis threatens to have Sharon committed if she doesn’t stay quiet about J.T.

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