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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/3/2018

Will Kyle Destroy Jabot While Jack is Away?

When Victoria tells J.T. that she doesn’t want to get married now, J.T. pushes her to explain why. She tries to explain that it’s just not a good time for her to plan a celebration with Victor in the hospital, and her responsibilities at Newman. She says that she loves him and wants to slow things down a bit. They can get married down the road. J.T. continues to push her for a “real” reason and she tells him that he can be pushy and he discounts her opinion sometimes. J.T. insists that her tune has changed because of what Mack said to her.

Hilary arrives at the HWG office and quickly lets Lily know that she and Devon were trying to make a baby…all night. When Lily confronts Devon about it, he tells her that it’s her fault that they had to do it that way.

Nikki continues to sit by Victor’s bedside, praying and begging Victor to wake up. She didn’t realize how much she still cares for him and loves him until he started fighting for his life.

Ashley goes to Jabot to handle her family’s company affairs while Jack is stuck in jail. When she arrives, the door is locked and Kyle is already in the CEO office. Kyle tells her that he is the blood Abbott that is going to step up and run things while Jack is in jail. Ashley is surprised to hear about his intentions.

J.T. arrives at the Athletic Club to confront Mack for interfering in his relationship with Victoria.

Simone drops by the HWG office. Hilary tries to make her feel bad for dropping in without calling. Lily swoops in and tells Simone that Devon will be very happy to see her. She also tells Simone that she would be a perfect fit for her modeling agency.

Kyle stops by GC Buzz and talks to Mariah. He claims he is just there to check up on the company that Jabot sponsors. Mariah thinks he’s there searching for some companionship since none of his friends are in town anymore.

Nikki visits Jack in jail. She wants Jack to tell her why he went back to the ranch, the night that Victor was hurt. Jack insists that he found Victor at the bottom of the stairs and that he didn’t push him down the stairs.

Sitting at a table at the Athletic Club, J.T. is angry with Mack and tells her that she was trying to ruin his relationship with Victoria. Mack insists that she hopes things will work out for the best for J.T. and Victoria. She tries to get up and leave but he grabs her by the wrist. He apologizes to Mack for the way things turned out. She tells him to put in the work on his relationship with Victoria, and then says goodbye.

Lily sets up a dinner for Simone and Devon so they can talk about their future business together. Hilary is annoyed with Lily for pulling Simone back into Devon’s life.

At the hospital, Nick informs Nikki and Victoria that Victor has sepsis. Nikki is very worried that Victor is getting worse.

Ashley visits Jack to tell him that he doesn’t need to worry about things at work while he’s in jail because Kyle has stepped in to keep things running. Jack jumps up and tells Ashley that this is his nightmare and she needs to stop Kyle. Jack tells Ashley that he thinks Kyle is working with Victor to bring Jabot down and Ashley needs to work with him to find a way to stop Kyle.

J.T. visits Victor at the hospital. Victoria walks in right behind him and pulls him out of the room because of Victor’s infection. J.T. apologizes to Victoria for trying to rush her into marriage and for being judgmental. Victoria is appreciative but tells him that she will only marry him if they see a relationship counselor.

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