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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/30/2018

Can Sharon Keep Their Deep Dark Secret?

Neil arrives at the ranch to visit Victor. Nikki looks all over and can’t find him. They finally find him in the horse barn, lifting weights and dictating business orders and emails to an assistant. Nikki and Neil warn him not to overdo it.

Nick and Mariah talk about their concern for Sharon. They think she has been acting strangely lately. Sharon walks into the room and they quit talking. Then Nick gets a call from Faith’s school, and Nick and Sharon have to go pick her up.  Faith got suspended for standing up to a bully at school.

At the Club, Billy thanks Phyllis for being so understanding about keeping his kids while Victoria is going through the J.T. mess.  Phyllis explains that even though she and Victoria were never really friends, that she has a lot of empathy for her as a woman, surviving an abusive situation.  Phyllis makes a comment about Victoria needing to grieve, and Billy asks why she is talking like J.T. isn’t coming back.

Victor insists on pushing himself so that he can go after J.T. Nikki gets emotional because she doesn’t want Victor to push himself too far. She doesn’t want to lose him permanently. She leaves and Neil tries to talk to him. Victor fills Neil in on J.T.’s abuse and tells him that if it were his daughter, he would want to get strong and fight back too. Neil tells him that he will do everything he can for Victor from a PR perspective. Victor asks Neil to grab his tequila bottle for him. Neil does, and dumps it out.

Faith explains the details of the incident at school to Nick and Sharon.  Nick tells Faith that she should have told an adult and let them handle it, but he’s proud of her for standing up to a bully. After Faith leaves the room, Nick tells Sharon that if there is anything bothering HER, he hopes that she will tell him, just as he encouraged Faith to do. Nick leaves the room and Sharon begins to cry out of guilt. Mariah walks in the front door and sees her.

Nick meets with Nikki at Crimson Lights to discuss New Hope business. Nikki tells him that Victor knows she is involved with Arturo and wants him off the project. Nick gets irritated and says that Arturo is the man for the job and Victor needs to deal with it. Phyllis walks up to their table to say hello and Nick tells them about Faith’s situation at school.  Phyllis is proud of her for standing up to a bully. Then he points out that Sharon has been acting weird. Phyllis explains it away, but when Nick leaves, she sits down and tells Nikki that Sharon is going to get them all sent to prison.

Hilary walks into the coffeehouse, sees Nikki and Phyllis together, and walks over to see what they are whispering about. Nikki blows her off and leaves. Hilary sits down with Phyllis, opens up to her, and tells her that she isn’t pregnant.

Sharon lies to Mariah and tells her that she is just emotional about Faith’s incident at school today. Mariah doesn’t believe her and tells her that she wants to know what’s going on and promises to take it to the grave.

Phyllis asks Hilary what Devon said when she told him so Hilary admits that she hasn’t told him yet because of Simone. Phyllis mentions the sperm sample that Devon gave to Hilary awhile back and Hilary jumps up and thanks Phyllis for giving her an idea. She is going to get inseminated with the sample and says that Devon doesn’t need to know when or how she got pregnant!

Sharon lies again to Mariah and tells her that she is just a little upset about Nick living with them and her feelings for him, but everything is fine. Mariah seems to believe her.

Victor continues lifting weights in the barn while he and Neil talk. Then he tries to stand up and walk and collapses.

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