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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/5/2018

Will Victoria End Things With J.T.?

Kyle visits Jack in jail again to tell him what a great job he is doing as CEO. He is making big changes. Jack tells him not to get too comfortable because he’s coming back soon.

Billy asks Phyllis how she would feel about him stepping up to take over for Jack while he’s in jail. She agrees with him that he needs to do this to protect the company from Kyle.

Sharon and Nick talk about Victor’s condition. Sharon can tell that he’s pretty shaken and offers to help in any way she can.

Back at home, J.T. and Victoria talk about their therapy session. J.T. thinks that it went really well and is ready to move on with wedding plans. Victoria tries to nod and smile but it’s easy to see that she isn’t so sure.

Phyllis visits Jack to let him know that they have a plan to stop Kyle from ruining Jabot, and Billy has a private investigator working to prove Jack’s innocence. Jack asks Phyllis to get a message to Nick and tell him that he did not do this, and that he was so looking forward to working with Nikki and Nick on the affordable housing project. Phyllis promises to pass the message on.

Billy talks to Ashley and Abby about moving forward with their plan to oust Kyle. They just need to rally the board to vote for Billy to take over as CEO.

Victoria secretly meets with the relationship counselor on her own. She says that she feels like J.T. is forcing her to be who and what he wants her to be.  She can’t understand why she is putting up with it. The therapist asks Victoria if she will be happy with the relationship if things stay the way they are now. Without answering, she gets up and leaves the session. Later on, she daydreams about what would happen if she tells J.T. that she is ending their relationship. In one scenario, J.T. becomes very threatening and tells her that he will decide when and if it’s over. Then she imagines a scenario where she finally stands up to him and throws him out.

Ashley and the other Abbotts gather at Jabot for the board meeting. When Kyle hears about their plan to put Billy in charge, he stubbornly tells them that they can all get their lawyers involved and waste all their time in court, or he can continue to run things and do what’s best for the company, and he goes back into “his” office.

At the coffee house, Sharon and Mariah talk about the current relationship between Sharon and Nick. Sharon wants more, but Nick can’t think about that right now with everything that’s going on with his dad.

Victoria goes home with the intention of telling J.T. that it’s over between them, but he has music playing, flowers on the table, and says all of the right things to her to make her back down and fall into his arms again. They end up tearing each other’s clothes off, while they fall onto the couch in a passionate kiss.

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