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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/6/2018

Will J.T. Get Away With Pushing Victor Down the Stairs?

Billy visits Jack in prison to tell him that Kyle thwarted their plan for Billy to take over, but he will still monitor Kyle closely.

Abby and Ashley check in with Kyle at the office. Kyle asks if he can move into the Abbott home.

Devon stops in at GC Buzz, dressed in a suit. He is heading to the dedication of a new park for Katherine Chancellor. He and Hilary talk about how Katherine will be their baby’s great-grandmother while Simone walks in. She will be singing at the ceremony.

Nick and Nikki talk at Victor’s bed side.  Nick lets her know that Victor is stable but there is no new news. He encourages her to leave Victor for a little while to go to the park dedication. Nick asks Nikki if she might know who the mystery woman is that visited Victor. Nikki has no idea.

Ashley and Abby tell Kyle that with Dina in the condition she’s in, it would be a bad idea to bring someone new into the house. Abby claims that Dina’s doctors said that she needs to stick to her daily routine and limit exposure to new people. Kyle has some snide comments for them both and then walks out of the office.

While still lying on the couch together, Victoria tells J.T. that she came home, intending to end things with him. He gets angry with her and insults her for listening to Mack’s accusations against him. He also gets mad at her for going to therapy again, alone. He accuses her of trying to find reasons to leave him. J.T. convinces her that Victor has caused her feelings of insecurity and manipulation and she has projected those on him. Victoria buys into that and tells J.T. that she loves him and still wants to marry him eventually.

Kyle comes back into the office and asks Ashley and Abby to be patient with him and watch what he does with the company.  After Ashley leaves, Kyle asks Abby to give him updates on Victor’s condition.

The park dedication begins. Jill and Ester are happy to see Devon there with Simone and not Hilary. Jill and Nikki end up fighting and hurling insults at each other. Nikki even throws a shovel full of dirt at Jill. When Nikki goes up to the microphone, she passes out.

Nikki gets checked out at the hospital and finds out that she just had low blood sugar. While the whole Newman family is there with Nikki, Abby walks in and tells them that the police found evidence that Jack might be innocent. They found a man’s blood at the scene that isn’t Victor’s or Jack’s.

At the Athletic Club, Hilary bumps into Kyle. Devon and Simone are at a nearby table. Hilary ends up making out with Kyle to try to make Devon jealous. When Devon steps away for a phone call, Hilary rushes over to Simone to let her know that she and Devon are trying to get pregnant. When Devon comes back to the table, Simone is furious. Hilary walks out of the club with a big smile on her face.

Nikki gets news that Victor is finally responding to antibiotics. There are hugs all around. When Victoria hugs J.T., he has a worried look on his face.  The Newmans decide to go grab some dinner after this great news. J.T. claims that he has to take care of some business at the office.  J.T.  goes to Victor’s room and rants at his bed side about how Victor has taken so much from him already, and he’s not going to take Victoria from him. Then J.T. gloves up and turns off the machines that are keeping Victor alive!

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