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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 4/9/2018

Victor Wakes Up!

At the Club, Nikki, Nick, and Victoria toast to Victor’s recovery. They think it’s safe to relax now that Victor is improving.

A hooded J.T. steps out of Victor’s room after having turned off Victor’s life support. Nurses rush in to try to revive Victor, as J.T. leaves the hospital.

Devon confronts Hilary and tells her he is furious with her for having told Simone about them trying to have a baby, and that they had sex to do it.

Victoria wonders what is keeping J.T. He finally shows up at the club and says he isn’t feeling well so Victoria and J.T. go home. Nikki has a worried look on her face as they walk away.

Nick asks Nikki what she is going to do about her relationship with Arturo when Victor comes home. Nikki changes the subject because she doesn’t want to answer.

Jack summons Ashley to the jail, wanting to know if the police are any closer to figuring out whose blood was found at Victor’s house.  While they are chatting, Ashley lets him know that Kyle is firing the Jabot employees who are Jack’s biggest allies. Jack is desperate to get out of jail before Kyle ruins the company.

Back at home, J.T. pretends that he isn’t feeling well, but he is actually upset about Victor. He wants to make sure Victor dies so he isn’t exposed. He asks Victoria twice if she has heard anything more about Victor’s condition. They decide to take Reed to the coffee house to talk about their future plans and their wedding.

At the coffee house, Nick apologizes to Sharon for kissing her and making things uncomfortable for her.

Victoria and J.T. tell Reed that they are going to get married again and ask for his feelings on the subject. Reed tells them that he’s ok with it after they tell him they are seeing a counselor and taking their time.

When Victoria goes to the counter for more coffee, she thanks Sharon for giving her the phone number of the counselor she is seeing. Sharon is glad she took her advice and offers her one more piece of advice. She advises Victoria not to make a man the center of her universe because she will lose herself, as Sharon knows from experience.  She advises Victoria to take a class, find a hobby, or have a girls night out with friends. Victoria realizes that she doesn’t have any friends and she has pretty much cut herself off from everyone but J.T.

Devon lets Hilary know that Simone doesn’t want to have a relationship with him anymore since Hilary talked to her.  He tells her that he is sorry that he signed the “baby making” contract with her because he doesn’t trust her anymore. Devon tells Hilary that unless she is already pregnant, their contract is over. He doesn’t want to have a baby with her anymore. Hilary is her own worst enemy.

Nikki calls Victoria, Nick, and Abby and tells them to get to the hospital because something has happened to Victor.  Victor is ok, but the police and the hospital are investigating who turned off Victor’s life support. Nick suggests that that clears Jack then since Jack is in jail. J.T. points out that Jack could have hired someone to finish the job. Nick wonders if it was the woman with dark hair who visited Victor earlier.  Nikki comes out of Victor’s room to get everyone because he’s finally awake. The Newmans are thrilled that Victor is awake, though he can’t talk because he has had a stroke.  He and J.T. lock eyes though and Victor knows what J.T. has done to him. It’s only a matter of time before Victor can tell everyone that it was J.T. What will J.T. do out of desperation?

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