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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 5/3/2018

Can the Ladies Keep Victoria From Going to the Police?

Nikki calls the foursome to the ranch when Victoria tells her that she’s going to go to the police and confess that she killed J.T. Victoria tells Phyllis what she is going to tell the police and Phyllis points out all of the holes in her story. Phyllis, Nikki, and Sharon tell Vic that she cannot go to the police. Everyone is shocked that Sharon is the one who is now saying that they can’t go to the police. Sharon says that she has learned that the best way to deal with abuse and violence is to band together, be strong, and support each other. Sharon tells them that they aren’t going to let J.T. control them from beyond the grave. Victoria hugs Sharon and thanks her, then leaves, leaving the ladies wondering what Victoria is planning to do.

Kyle meets Victor at the Club for lunch. He tells Victor that he hasn’t found out anything they can use yet, to take Jack and Jabot down. Victor encourages him to be patient. Billy walks into the Club and is disturbed to see Kyle meeting with Victor.

At Crimson Lights, Neil walks up to Charlie as he is working on editing the Dina Mergeron video for Abby. Charlie isn’t happy with his first attempt and is reworking it. Neil’s words inspire him and he gets back to work on it.

Phyllis and Sharon go back to Crimson Lights after their get together with Nikki and Victoria. They are worried about Victoria’s next move. Phyllis tries to call her at work and home but she isn’t answering. Phyllis takes off to find her.

Billy confronts Kyle for meeting with the enemy. He tells Kyle that he doesn’t trust him any more than Jack does.

Victoria sits at her desk at home, writing a letter to her parents, explaining why she had to confess to J.T.’s murder, and asking them to look after her children. She ends the letter by asking for their forgiveness, and leaves it for them at her house. As she is leaving to go to the police, Phyllis walks in. Phyllis tells her that she is being selfish because she will ruin at least a dozen lives, just to ease her conscience.

Phyllis calls Nikki to come over to help her talk Victoria out of going to the police. They convince her to get away for a few days so that she can be at peace and grieve. Phyllis convinces her to sign up for a cosmetics convention with her.

After Billy leaves, Kyle frets that he is going to run to Jack and tell him that he was consorting with Victor. Then he tells Victor that he actually does have information that could take Jack down and all he has to do is hand it to Victor.

Back at Jabot, Billy asks Phyllis if she is ready to go to their previously scheduled dinner out. She has to tell him that she has suddenly made plans to go to the cosmetics convention in Canada with Victoria. Phyllis claims that Lauren is pushing her to go.

Nikki and Sharon see Victoria and Phyllis off on their trip. They tell Victoria to take all the time she needs to heal. Nikki tearfully tells Phyllis to take good care of her baby.

Victor tells Kyle to hand over the information he has and Victor will decide if Kyle has what it takes to play with the big boys.

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