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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 5/4/2018

Is Nick Closing in on the Truth About J.T.?

Kyle visits Victor at the ranch to beg for a job at Newman. He explains that Jack and Billy don’t trust him with anything so he really has no place at Jabot. Victor wants to make sure that Kyle is ruthless enough to work for him at Newman.

Nick is determined to find J.T., much to Sharon’s dismay. He decides to ask Victor for help. Then he goes to Hilary at GC Buzz and asks to be put on live tv. He begs Hilary’s audience to please contact him with any information that they might have about J.T. or anything they noticed on the night that J.T. disappeared.  Then he tells the audience that the Newman foundation is offering $50,000 to anyone who has information about J.T.

While Neil and Devon are meeting about business at the Club, Neil tells Devon that he is going to have to put his animosity toward Hilary aside for the sake of his child.

After Hilary’s show, she heads to the doctor for her insemination appointment. Devon stops by GC Buzz, looking for Hilary, and Mariah tells him that she is at a baby doctor appointment.  Devon goes to find her.

While Hilary is waiting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, Devon shows up. Hilary is unhappy to see him there since she is there to be inseminated while Devon believes she is already pregnant. Devon apologizes for being unkind to her when she announced that she was pregnant. Hilary just wants him to go away so he doesn’t find out why she’s there. She asks him to please leave.

Meanwhile back at GC Buzz, Mariah starts to have fuzzy recollections of the girls night at Victoria’s house, the night that J.T. disappeared. She tells Nick that she woke up from her drunken stupor and heard voices upstairs. She heard the ladies talking, but she thinks she heard a man’s voice.

Hilary and Devon continue to talk. Devon tells her that he is all in and will do what’s best for the baby. Hilary tells Devon that the drama they have is her fault too and she has only been thinking about what she wants, not what he wants. They agree that they just want a baby that is healthy and happy.

Still talking with Victor, Kyle assures him that he has information that Victor can use against Jack, but it’s going to mess up his life too, so he wants a guarantee from Victor that he has a job first, before sharing the information with him. Kyle is demanding an “upper echelon” position at Newman in exchange for the information. Victor agrees that they have a deal if the information is as good as Kyle says it is.

Hilary tries one more time to get Devon to leave the doctor’s office, but he says that he is going to be with her through everything and wants to stay.

Nick goes home to Sharon’s and tells her about Mariah’s memory of hearing a man’s voice. Sharon tells him that there was no man there and Mariah was just dreaming. Nick doesn’t believe her. He demands to know if she has known where J.T.  is all along.

Kyle tells Victor that his secret information surrounds the “Blood Abbott” clause. Victor explains to him that he is handing over control of his own father.

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