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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 5/7/2018

Will Hilary and Devon Be Parents After All?

Kyle tells Victor that Jack is not a blood Abbott. Victor wants proof and won’t give Kyle any position at Newman without proof. Victor holds on to the information and tells Kyle to go back and continue to work at Jabot and gain any information that he can.

Nick grills Sharon about what she might be hiding. Sharon is upset with him for believing Mariah over her. Nick brings up her past history of lying to him. Sharon points out that he has had his share of lying and cheating but she doesn’t throw that in his face. She loves and respects him for who he is now and asks why he can’t do that for her.

Abby and Jack prepare for the pre-screening of the Dina video. They are also making plans for the formal family viewing of the video. Charlie brings the final edited version over. Kyle walks into the room and says that he would like to watch the preview along with Abby and Jack. Jack is happy that Kyle has taken such an interest in Dina.

At the doctor’s office, Devon finds out that Hilary is there to be inseminated. Hilary breaks down and tells him the truth about the home pregnancy test giving a false positive result. Devon is angry at first, but they talk things through and they both want to be parents. They decide to go ahead with the insemination.

After viewing the video, Abby and Jack are in tears. They love the video that Charlie put together and tell him that it’s perfect. Jack tells him that he will watch it over and over again and that this is how he wants to remember his mother.

Nick continues to press Sharon for the truth. In frustration, Sharon yells that nobody needs his protection and that he needs to stop trying to save people and leave the investigation to the professionals. Then she storms out.

Hilary comes out of the doctor’s office with a big smile on her face after the insemination. Devon asks her how long it will take to find out if they’re pregnant and she tells him that it will be a couple of weeks. Devon offers to drive her home. The two leave the doctor’s office together with big smiles.

Nick goes for a walk to clear his head then comes back to the house. He tells Sharon that he knows she is hiding something. She finally says that she is keeping a secret from him and the secret is that she wants him with every fiber of her being. They kiss passionately!

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