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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 5/8/2018

Victor Lets The Cat Out of the Bag

After Sharon’s “admission” that her secret is that she has been wanting Nick, she and Nick end up ripping each other’s clothes off and making love in Sharon’s bed.

The Abbotts tell Dina again, about the film they have put together of her memories. Traci takes Dina upstairs to get her ready, while Abby and Ashley talk about the important piece of information left out of the film-the part about Jack’s paternity.

While meeting with Victor at the ranch, Neil tells him about attending the Abbott family video screening. He tells Victor when and where it’s taking place.

Billy is meeting with a client at the Club. He’s upset that Kyle hasn’t shown up for the meeting. Where is he?

The Abbotts come downstairs in their formal attire, waiting for Dina to come down when Traci flies into the room and announces that Dina is falling apart.

Kyle shows up for the client meeting an hour and a half late. He uses traffic as an excuse. Billy is furious but tells him that he covered Kyle’s butt and took care of the client. Billy and Kyle part ways to go get ready for the video screening.

Dina sits in the living room with the Abbotts gathered around her. She is crying because she is scared and wants her mother. Her children don’t know how to help her. A little while later,  Jack calls to cancel the night at the theater, but Dina walks in, dressed in her gown, and ready to go!

Kyle walks into the house and apologizes to Jack for running late. Jack tells him not to worry and wants to give him something before he runs upstairs to change for the movie premier. He gives Kyle a pair of cuff links that belonged to his father and says that it’s time to pass them down to Kyle. Kyle tries to protest but Jack wants him to have them. Kyle has a guilty look on his face.

Dressed to the 9’s, the Abbotts gather in the living room and applaud Dina as she enters on Jack’s arm. They file out of the house and go to the limo that’s waiting to take them to the theater.

Nick and Sharon share a pizza and watch an old movie on tv. They share an intimate moment as Nick wipes pizza sauce off of Sharon’s chin. They end up kissing and running back upstairs!

At the theater, Jack stands up to introduce the movie to his family and Charlie, Mattie, Neil, Cane, and Lily. As he finishes his intro, Victor walks into the theater and announces that he is right on time. Jack asks Victor to leave. Victor claims that he came to pay his respects to Dina. Dina stands up and tells him that he can stay as her guest.  She remembers dancing with him at her “winter formal” and thinks that Victor is a nice man. Victor stays and sits next to Kyle, who looks very uncomfortable.

After “round 2” in Sharon’s bed, Sharon wants to talk about where their relationship is headed. Nick tells her that he still isn’t over Chelsea and isn’t ready to jump into a relationship. Sharon agrees with him and says that she isn’t ready for a relationship but thinks they should keep having sex. They agree to be friends with benefits but keep it to themselves.

At the movie premier, the family is happily watching Dina talk about her family memories. Then all of the sudden, the footage of Dina talking about her affair and Jack being the consequence of her affair starts playing. Victor smiles as the rest of the family and Charlie watch in horror!

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