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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 5/9/2018

Jack’s Fear That He is Not a True Abbott is Confirmed

Ashley, Abby, Dina, Traci, and Kyle arrive back home at the Abbott house after leaving the movie premier early. Dina is confused and can’t understand why they left early. Traci just explains it away by saying there was a problem with the film and it wouldn’t play. Then she rushes Dina up to bed. The ladies worry about how the awful news of Jack’s true paternity is going to affect him.

Jack and Billy sit at the bar at the Athletic Club. Jack wants to get hammered but Billy talks him out of it. He tells him that Dina might just have been confused and her confession about Jack’s paternity might not be true. Victor walks into the Club, goes over to Billy and Jack and offers his sympathies for Dina’s big night being ruined. Billy has to hold Jack back so he doesn’t hit Victor.

Still at the theater, Lily, Cane, Charlie, and Mattie watch the movie to the end and then congratulate Charlie on making such a great film. Charlie is upset though and can’t understand how the footage of Dina’s confession got into the movie. He had never even seen that footage.

Kyle gets upset that Ashley and Abby are only concerned about Jack’s feelings about not being an Abbott and not his. Abby tells him that she has gone through the same experience and he will learn to deal with it.

Jack and Billy finally come home. Jack asks Abby questions about the footage and the interview with Dina. Abby admits that she knew about the footage and never intended for anyone to know this secret. Ashley admits that she knew about it but wanted to spare him the pain that she knew first hand. Then they admit they did a DNA test to confirm Dina’s story, but they weren’t going to tell him about it.

Cane and Lily take Mattie and Charlie to Crimson Lights for dessert to celebrate Charlie’s accomplishment. Charlie is still upset but his parents are proud that he has found a passion that he is so good at.

Still gathered in their living room, the Abbotts reminisce about their childhood with John as their father. They all have happy stories. Dina walks into the room and yells at them to stop talking about John. She wants them to stop telling secrets. Jack explodes and yells at Dina who is the true secret keeper.

Cane knocks on the Abbotts door and barges in to tell them that tonight’s disaster was not Charlie’s fault.  They had all signed off on the preview of the movie so this is their fault and they shouldn’t blame Charlie.

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