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Three Ingredient Meatballs

Easy and delicious! Serve them over rice or egg noodles for a quick and easy dinner, or they make a yummy appetizer.

Total Time: 3 hours 5 minutes (5 minute prep/3 hours cook)


  • 1 bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (18 oz.)
  • 1 jar of grape jelly (18 oz.)
  • 1 bag of fully cooked frozen meatballs (32 oz.)
  • toothpicks

Cooking Instructions

  • Dump bottle of BBQ sauce, jar of grape jelly, and bag of frozen meatballs into the slow cooker.
  • Spoon sauce over the meatballs to make sure they are well coated.
  • Cook on high for 3 hours.
  • Serve with toothpicks for an appetizer or serve over noodles or rice as a dinner.

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