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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/15/2018

JT and Victoria together again?

Today Ashley was searching for information regarding the break-in at the Jabot lab. In her meeting at Crimson Lights with Police Chief Paul Williams, she learns that the police have no leads so far. Meanwhile, in their suite at the athletic club, Dina busts Graham with vials of chemicals and asks him what they are for. Playing on her confusion from her Alzheimer’s, he explains it away by saying he had already informed her that he was now a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company. Later on, while Dina and Graham are in Chancellor Park, Graham secretly disposes of a small, brown, mystery bag in a nearby garbage can.  After returning to their suite at the GCAC, Graham calls Ashley and asks her to come visit with her mother. Dina displays some confusion and leaves the room. Graham and Ashley sit down to lunch. Graham asks Ashley to grab his insulin and syringe from the mini fridge, because he is diabetic and needs it before his lunch. She obliges, but then he changes his mind and she puts them back in the fridge. Ashley and Graham argue about Dina and Ashley storms out. Graham quickly goes to the mini fridge, grabs the syringe with a tissue and places it in a bag. What is to become of that syringe with Ashley’s fingerprints?

Meanwhile, Sharon has invited a homeless woman named Cathy, and her 2 children to stay with her until they find living arrangements. Nick shows up at her house to see Faith, and is unhappy to find these strangers living is his daughter’s home.  Sharon assures him that everything will be fine.

JT arrives home to the Chancellor mansion in the morning, and is razzed by Cane and Billy for staying out all night and doing the “Walk of Shame”. JT says nothing about who he was with all night. Cane announces to Billy and JT that he is going to Paris to get Lily back and he is leaving Billy in charge of Chancellor.

Mariah bumps into Tessa, who is sitting at Crimson Lights, trying to write a song, without any luck. They have their typical awkwardness, ever since Mariah expressed her true feelings for Tessa, but Tessa continues to be a friend to Mariah and tries to smooth things over.

JT goes to Victoria’s office at Newman to talk about “last night”. Victoria asks JT if it was just a rebound thing for him after his marriage to Mack had just ended.  They both agreed that what happened between them was an incredible experience but just something that happened in the moment. As they were saying goodbye at the office door, they fell into each other’s arms again and recreated their “incredible experience” on Victoria’s desk.


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