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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/16/2018

Cane’s Paris Surprise

Cane arrives in Paris to surprise Lily.

Abby tells Lily that she is thinking about requesting to stay in Paris to oversee the expansion of Brash and Sassy in Paris. Lily says that everything that she wants is back in Genoa City. Cane finally tracks Lily down at the photo studio, but just missed her.

JT and Victoria give in to passion at Victoria’s house, while Victor lets himself in and catches them in the act, much to his dismay. He warns Victoria to focus on what matters in her life, like her career and her children and not repeat past mistakes with her ex. Victor later fills Nikki in on what is going on between Victoria and JT.

Nikki and Nick agree to go into business together.  They are going to buy the run-down apartment building that Cathy and her children were evicted from, fix it up, and rent to low income families, so they have a decent place to live.  They mention their plan to Victor who is skeptical about their plan and points out all of the pitfalls of being a landlord. Nick and Nikki decide that they’re up for the challenge.

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