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The Young and the Restless Episode Recap 1/17/2018

Could this be Graham’s last diabolical act?

Still in Paris, and still not having seen Lily, Cane plans to surprise her by waiting at her hotel. Abby finally shows up at the hotel, sees Cane, and tells him that Lily is headed to the airport to go back to Genoa City. Cane tries to call Lily to tell her that he’s at the hotel waiting for her, but their call is dropped. Cane races to the airport and catches Lily before she leaves on the last flight of the day. Cane and Lily talk about whether or not they can overcome their obstacles and put their family back together.  They end up passionately kissing in their hotel room in Paris.

Scott shows up in Paris to apologize to Abby. She is not overjoyed to see him since she had flown halfway across the world to get away from him. She agrees to sit down and talk with him. He tells her that he would love to have someone buy Hash Tag, so that he can continue to investigate and write about important things, but get away from Newman. Abby makes a quick call and gets her dad to agree to sell it to Scott, by paying for it over time, with the profits he makes from Hash Tag. Her only stipulation is that he agrees to run it from anywhere else so that they can make a clean break.

Devon sits down with Tessa at Crimson Lights and tells her that she needs to write and record a hit song soon, or he will have to drop her from his recording label. Soon afterward, Mariah leaves her bag with a journal of her innermost feelings on life and love, conveniently unattended at a table in the coffeehouse. Tessa steals the journal, hoping for some inspiration for a new song.

Ashley and Paul talk again about the robbery at the Jabot lab. Ashley deduces that the only chemical that is missing, is one that could be very toxic.

Meanwhile, at the GCAC, Dina and Graham are in their suite arguing. Dina is very confused and Graham tries to correct her, agitating her even more. Dina calls Jack for some clarification and to have an ally in her argument. Graham takes and hangs up the phone, causing Jack to leave his office and quickly swoop in to try to rescue Dina. Jack and Graham argue over Dina’s care and Jack lets Graham know that he won’t be able to play the “husband card” as soon as the court steps in.  Jack leaves the suite and Dina lies down for a nap. Graham fills a syringe with a mystery chemical and hovers over the sleeping Dina, giving a soliloquy about how he is going to put her out of her misery and suffering from Alzheimer’s. Dina wakes up just before he injects her and tries to fight him off. The syringe ends up sticking into Graham’s arm…

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